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Sharply Trimmed, Man-Pleasin' Rubber Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
     I'm sure I'll hear it from the Wader Purists   --  What do you MEAN showing all of these gaudy boots??   Well, sorry folks, but solid anything can lead to a flat environment, don't you think!   And besides, would you say "gaudy" to an axe-wielding, Black-rubber suited firefighter?  Let me get out of the region first, OK?
      The background for this page is the boots I'm wearing in the first few photos.   I found these by chance while visiting a used boots and leathers site, and they've become perennial favorites.   The lining is lightweight, and the conservative blue trim just goes well with a variety of outfits.   Yeah, and if it doesn't, I'll force it!!
Cargo Vest and Blue-Trimmed Waders
Pouch-front SnapTrunks and Blue-Trimmed Waders       I found the wild cargo pockets vest at a Mall-located "Head Shop" a few years back, and just rediscovered it in the depths of my closet this fall.   The very short shorts (the only length comfortable in our sweaty climate) do have an inset pouch front, and the eight or ten snaps don't take too long to set<G>   The boots in my rubber-pillowed chair have their own story and I bet you will find it on the Brown Waders Page!
     Well moderate-length shorts are OK too, especially if their sides are laced openly.  The woodlands camouflage shorts and tanktop, here joined by a cap of the same leather persuasion, are spring and fall favorites, usually paired with these boots!   It being a warm spell, you'll pardon me for having my waders folded down since it does let you see that I have the knee supports properly snapped in place. Woodlands Camouflage & Blue-Trimmed Waders
Blue-Trimmed Waders and Camouflage gear      One final (for now) photo of the BTWs and their Woodlands friends.   It appears that I finally got the wader tops firmly snapped in place on the knee supports:  We eventually do dress sharply!
      Wow!   Talking about mixed signals, is this photo about the wild pouch-bulge pants, the big green Hodgman waders, or those yellow-trimmed Iron Age industrial hip boots?   Well, remember, this is the Trimmed Waders Page!   I'm sure we'll see more about them later. Trimmed and Olive Waders
Red Trimmed Waders in a bed of Green Monkey Grass!       This photo is definitely from one of my Red-trimmed phases!   The tanktop is of hard-finish neoprene, while the trunks (with no red) are Nasty Pig from Mr. "S".   The boots are the Century 2000 by Gates Rubber, imported from Scotland.
      Well, whaddayuh know, that must be Julio!   My iron-bound friend somehow brings out the best in my bulge, especially when he catches me fully booted! Julio confronts Red-Trimmed Waderman
Red-Trimmed Boots Red-boxed bulge!       I will admit to a small interest in the gear of Boxing, and the gloves can feel really inspiring when applied topically on a well-prepared bulge.   Maybe the topic for another page in my Rubber section?  In the current instance, they just provide an excuse for an experienced view of the Century 2000 waders!
      It apppears that we've hit another photo from my more leathered past!   I made both the shorts and vest from upholstery leather scraps.   Of course, the boots are the Iron Age.  My sister is responsible for the shirt, although she didn't know Mom had passed it on to me! Yellow-Trimmed Boots and Red Leather Shorts
Ranger Firemasters and Open-front GasMask       Isn't it about time we found some trimmed boots with function to their design?   The Ranger Firemasters were my first fire boots, and they've seen an awful lot of duty, with no smoke damage whatsoever!!   It's just as well, as the old pure rubber gas mask has had all of its working parts removed in favor of a more uncluttered appearance!   Speaking of appearances, meet Tex, my live-in statue.   I sometimes let him play with my rubber gear, but he never seems to get it JUST right!
      There's one more page of Trimmed Rubber Waders, and I bet most of them feature Fire Boots!   Click on the photo to head on over there!
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