Rubberdrobe Waders

Black Rubber hip boots are not my only Waders!
   Here's a parlor game for you.   There are around 26 pairs of waders represented in the photos of this update.   But, there are over 35 names in the list at right!  Can you figure out from this list which ones are NOT shown?  Hint:   The pair I'm wearing at this minute (not in the above photo!) is on the list, and in the old Waders Section, but not amongst the new photos.

My closets are well-organized!

And my database is expanding!
   Some few of you may know that I keep daily records of the rubber and leather gear I wear.  Here's the Chest and Hip Waders section:

Waders Description
BNOBrown Neoprene Chesters
BSWBallSided English Hippers
BTWBlue Trimmed Hippers
BWOBib'N'Brace Waders
CCWChocolate Casters Hippers
CHWCoon Hunter's Hippers
DBWDark Brown Rubber
FWWFall Woodlands Chesters
GFWGreen Fisherman's Hippers
GGWDeep Brown Hippers
GRWGreen Rod'N'Reel
GWOGreen Rubberchests
HGWHunter Green Slim Hippers
KFWKeen Fisher Green Studded Hip
LSCSealDri Latex Sock Waders
MMWMisMatched Yellow Band
NTOBrown Chesters
OFWOrange Forester
PDWDeluxe Tri-layer Chesters
PGWBright Olive Chesters
PLWDark Brown Hippers
RBWRound Ball Workingman's
RCWRed-Trimmed Hippers
RFWRanger Firemaster Hippers
SPWBrown Pebbled Hippers
SROSealdri Rubber Waders
SRWServus Reflex Fire Boots
TAWTight Ankle Fisherman
TBOTingley Black Chesters
TLWTawny Green Hunter's Hip
UFWUniroyal Fire Hippers
ULWUnlined Latex Hippers
VCWVinyl Sock Chesters
VKWViking Black Hippers
WFWWoodlands Rubberlined
YSWYellow Storm Boots
YTWYellow-Trimmed Hippers