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Rubber Waders in Man-Pleasin' Situations!

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
     It all started innocently enough.   Besides my waders (or between them), I was wearing these glove-soft, lined leather briefs, with a comfortably sized knuckled foam JockUp for company.   One can grope under such circumstances, and why not try that now? Waderman Groping!
Bootheel Waders Grope     One can only grope so long without other demands becoming paramount.  So, how about wearing waders on one's hands, THEN groping?  Well, there are worse ways to pass the time!
      The boot heels felt so good, how about the toes?   Different is the best description.   They're almost too flexible, but the sides of the boots do dig in pretty well! Boot-toe Wader Grope
Booted Bulge Compression       How about wader boots as a rubber bulge vise?   It's Okay, I could enjoy it again<G>!  Did you notice that this was heel and toe?
      Speaking of heel and toe, how about boot toe through my butt crack, and the other boot heel nudging the top of my bulge?   Well, it seemed like an enjoyable idea at the time!!   I think the toe's doing a better job, don't you?? Heel & Toe Bulge Treatment!
Boot Instep and Toe Bulge Treatment!       Well, that was pretty good, but I think we can do better.   Let's see what an instep will do, keeping the toe in its well-aimed position.   I think we're getting there!!
      My goodness, that does look pretty intense!   Wonder how I was keeping such a poker face?   My left-hand boot's instep is focussing the energy from the right-hand toe.   Yeah, I think we've got it for sure this time! Boot-toe Point and Heel-side bulge treatment
Getting the Green naked chesters ready       When no one's watching, it's really pretty easy to get into waders, even chest waders.   One foot, then the other and you're done.   Maybe I just want to feel the merchandise first you think?
      This is the bottom of a page, so you know what that means.   See you in a few seconds!
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