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Rubber Waders in Man-Pleasin' Situations!

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
     What's playful about waders?   Well you may ask, and I've got 43 photos of answers!   There's something about even walking in waders that has an element of play:   Each step you take feels as though someone's slapping you on the back of your calves, caressing your thighs, maybe brushing your bulge if you're lucky enough to have an inseam shorter than your boots!   So, what could be more natural than to want to play back?  This page and the next four will feature about half a dozen different play "scenes".   You can click on the opening photo in each scene to see the rest of it, or just follow each page to the bottom, and click on the next page link.
      First off, let's see what I can get into while wearing my favorite olive green Hodgmans, especially while hugging my Iron Age Yellow-trimmed boots.
Cross-chest Hippers!
Naked Rubber Waders Pondered Lustfully!       I wonder if this page will get a lot of extra hits using "naked" in this photo title?  I could have said "bare" or "exposed" or even "unlined", but by any name they certainly appear seductive!  The melon briefs will stay on for now, in case you were wondering, but why not click and see how it goes?
      We mentioned this set before, and I remember it was real hard to find a photo to share that didn't give the whole game away!   Yes, those are vinyl chest waders being used as cover for what appears to be a major stack of JockUps!   And, they're sweating up very nicely, being helped along by my yellow-trimmed hippers!   Seems like a perfect setup for significant bulge abuse.  Click if you will! Vinyl Chesters under Black Hippers
Woodlands Chesters take on Ranger Hippers       Are you ready for part two of the Naked Chester sensual exploration?   It does appear to me that the party has already begun.   We'd best see what's ahead when two forms of olive rubber meet embracingly!
      Well, this looks charming!   We know how warm and embracing neoprene can be, even in its wader form.   I don't recall seeing one used as a serape before!   I wonder what else is going to happen? Warm, Wearable, Chestwader Wraps
Four Legs Waders       Well, what's such a big deal about this? you might ask.   Where are the boot toes for those Ranger Hippers? I might ask in reply!  And by the way, what happened to the Melon Foam briefs and the huge bulge they were producing?   You don't mean . . surely . . not (ulp)!
      My new Green Chest Waders, with their "World Famous" designation have actually figured in only one recorded sequence.   The official "excuse" for the session was testing and inspection of the newly-poured foundation for my Endless Pool. But, can you define any function advanced by stretching out full length in the concrete pour?   If it just felt good and was relaxing, is that Play?? Green Wader Forms Test
Pool Puddle Waders Relaxation Therapy!       Well, that felt so good, why not just turn around, stretch out and relax?   So what's a few drops between my wetsuit and my waders?
      My Pond buddy, Piping Boy gets the last word.  He was lamenting the stress he endured during Hurricane Ivan.  Of course, I had to offer him reassurance, and in his element at that!
      Since we're already at the bottom of the first Playful Page, why not pat on Pipe's head to move on to Page Two of the Playful Section?
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