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Chest-high Alternative Rubber, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
      I have two sets of neoprene chest waders.   You've already seen photos of both.   Knowing that, I realized I was going to have to do something different to fill out this page.   Well, I figured, suppose I opened the door to not only neoprene, but also other chest waders that weren't of conventional materials?  Something else I'm going to do, given the extended nature of this page, is intermix the photos.   I'll try to put similar poses of the different waders together.
      Suppose we start right off with a photo from my favorite neoprene and harness session?   There were over 20 different poses, so I think I can show you all new ones!
Harnessing Brown Neoprene
Woodlands Camouflage Neoprene       This was one of the first dozen photos made with my new Canon Powershot G2 digital camera.   Why the choice of subject? Probably it was what I was wearing at the time!  That's an old AquaLung wetsuit shirt underneath:   Fat chance I'd get too cool in this rig!
      Well, this may take some explaining ! !   First off, the photo was taken almost exactly 26 months later than the previous one, some 2500 photos afterwards!   And no, it's not neoprene, but what was called a triple-layer rubber.   It was another of those minimum-bid bluffs I made (and won) on eBay. ProLine Deluxe Triple Layer
So much cane to move!       Well, there at least was an attempt at work in this session.   You see all of that cane in the foreground?  I've got to bundle it in five foot lengths and drag it to the curb!   Want to help?
      This must be a preamble photo to the Woodlands Neoprene play session we saw on the Playful Waders Section.   These are great winter topics of photos, because the insulation they provide actually feels good in the cooler evenings!   I'm a litle biased, but the Melon Briefs are one of my more fun creations, too. Woodlands Neoprene & Melon Briefs
Bolinger and Pro Line Rear View       Mr. Bolinger sure makes a neat padded lifting belt, and I needed all of its energy to control the contours of the Pro Line Insulated Chest Waders.   It's that Olive polyamide Police Shirt from Mr. "S" completing the outfit.   Oh yeah, I guess there's a couple of JockUps, but you probably surmised as much!
      Surely that simple cane job isn't proving too much for me?   I'm sure it's a pre-scheduled photo break! Resting Neoprened CaneBailer
The Neoprene Serape Session Begins!       Because of our convoluted approach to these photos, we're only now seeing the opening photo in my Neoprene Serape Session.   Oh, those were happy times<G>!
      We've reached the midpoint of what I thought would be the single Neoprene Page!   If you'll click on the photo to the left, we can complete the alternative waders journey!
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