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Unlined Chest and Hip-high, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
     Naked Waders?   How you can be naked if you're wearing waders, especially chest waders, say?   Most waders (my rubber woodlands chesters are exceptions) may be smooth rubber on the outside, but they're usually rough canvas, or if you're lucky, finished nylon, on the inside!   But now, there are several European makers of unlined rubber waders and wader bibs, that take also rare unlined molded rubber boots and build the legs from thick latex rubber!
      Well, I fell for it, and bought one pair of each, and this section presents some of the nakedly enjoyable results!   Let's start with my tall Naked Rubber Hippers.   We're wanting to work into this gradually, so at first , that "naked rubber" will be kept away from my skin by some nice smooth neoprene!
Naked Hippers over Beuchat
Naked Hippers and Beuchat Wetsuit       Another Garden photo, but someone else's garden!  I suspect it was on the grounds of the Blow Fly Inn.  These photos are part of my rubber outreach series, featuring polite but thoroughly rubbered (AND significantly bulged) outfits for the greater Public Good!
      One of the earliest photos made of my "Bib and Brace" Waders from the House of Suberversive Thought (H.O.S.T., for short) in England.   I was a little antsy about wearing them alone, but at least it's a very high-neck molded latex shirt.   I found out later that wearing my keys so they could fall against the latex was a very bad idea! Wader Bibs and Latex Tee
Wader Bibs in the Garden       One problem I had to find a solution to right off was the shoulder straps.   They were spaced rather widely, and my not exactly militarily braced shoulders wouldn't hold them in place!   I solved this problem by cutting a yoke of innertube rubber that I fed the straps through.
     We're getting braver!   This time there's no leather vest providing partial cover of the full rubber effect!   I imagine that my Beuchat had been freshly treated with Son of a Gun for this outing.   The folks at the Blow Fly Inn have been most gracious hosts to their significantly rubbered guest. Blow Fly & Naked Hippers
Beuchat & Naked Waders       A closeup of the same outfit.   The naked waders do a unique thing to adjust their belt straps:   Must be eight or ten snaps for adjusting the pure rubber straps' length!
      Looks like I'm getting a little braver!   The high-neck latex shirt has apparently been replaced with a three-zip vest made of non-foam neoprene.   No, this is not my usual riding position!   I do confess to riding in this outfit a couple of times.   I know, very unsafe!! Triked Bib Waders
Triked Wader Bibs and Tri-zip Vest       A closeup view of the same outfit  This photo has been the wallpaper on my office computer for some time!  The neat wallet belt pouch in recycled inner tube rubber was an unusual find at a local Mall store.
      Thank goodness we're beginnig to bare more:   I was concerned that I might completely lose my tan with all of that black rubber covering!  A definitely mixed bag, as only the naked hippers are rubber. No, I've not visited any local dining establishments so attired, but the addition of a leather or latex tanktop might have made that possible <G>!
      We've reached the end of the tame section of the Naked Waders Story!  There's another page devoted to sensual exploration of the potentials of each these wildly wonderful waders.   If you'll click on the photo to the right, we can continue the alternative waders journey.   Which pair will be first?   Don't know yet!
Naked Hippers & Snap-front Scrimmage Shorts
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