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Green and Olive Rubber, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
It appears that our green rubber frog was not to be outdone.   If there were chain mail, he wanted to try it, and how about the new Hodgman hippers too? !   Sure GRF, anything you say! Green Mailed RubberFrog
Brown Leather, Chain Mail and Guide Gear boots.       There may be a similar photo somewhere in the Earthy department of my Leathers section.   This one seems to highlight the boots better.   They're called Guide Gear, and are so dark that for some time I had thought they were brown, but it is a vey deep green.  The knee harness is handled differently, and maybe the whole design is slightly more modern.   I'm thinking there may be a couple more poses later on this page!
      It's really great that in the guise of my volunteer activity doing the Litter Patrol on my road, that I have an unambiguous NEED for good, heavy, "take anything" rubber work boots!  (Not that I'm saying I don't or won't wear rubber boots practically anytime and anywhere, you understand <G>!)   Here's a new photo of my current, "best of Litter Patrol breed", the Keen Fishers from Gates of Scotland! Keen Fisher of Litter
Keen Fishers have Calks!       Several features of the Keen Fishers fit my Litter Patrol needs.   They have a very smooth lining, that is kind to my unprotected knees.   They're a very sharp, dressy looking wader, with neat details on the toes, and a subdued, rough finish.   Most important though are the calks, or at least rather rough steel studs embedded in the sole.   Even walking in ditches full of leaves and wet grass, my footing is many times more secure than with other boots I've tried!
      The Keen Fishers are not lightweight boots, and meet Harold's "standing waders" test every time:   Standing Waders, I'm sure you know, are those that will stand tall even when they're not being worn by their owner!   You can see a little of the toe detail I mentioned in this photo. Keen Fishers at Rest
Guide Gear wearing Triathlon       You may have noticed that I'll wear rubber boots with almost anything, or conversely add them to most any scene!   I'd almost overlooked this triathlon wetsuit session when looking for photos of the Guide Gear Hippers!   I'm happy to remedy that oversight with the next two photos.   We can talk more about my bulge and the suit itself when I get that Rubber Section updated, Okay?
      It's all in the preparation!   If you're preparing to swim, and yet you know you have to walk through all sorts of other conditions until you get to the comparative safety of the beach, then maybe tall waders are the correct footwear.   Well, we can imagine, can't we??   Besides, I like the feel of them!
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Guide Gear Triathlete Departing
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