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Green and Olive Rubber, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
      Remember those great green rubber boots worn by the neoprene monster on the old Waders Page?  Well, they seem to have elevated to at least the railing on my front porch.   Perhaps this photo won't appeal to many, but then again it may.   It was fun to make, believe me! Hanging Green Waders
Slim Ankle Waders in a green world       According to the catalog description, the most remarkable feature of these Hodgman waders are their slim ankle profile.   They do fit very well, and are VERY hard to remove!  Near as I remember, I was inspecting my Garden shortly after Hurricane Ivan.
What would Edward Bulwer-Lytton say in a situation such as this?  "It was a bright and sunny September morning, and the shade was very deep".   It appears that I didn't spend a whole lot of time on polishing either the new boots or my Shorts! Slim Ankle Waders in Shadows
Masked RubberBootMan       My young friend Keith made the GIMP mask as he calls it, but the real reason for this photo is one clearer view of the Slim ankle waders.   You may have seen those pants, as the lower part of a riding suit on my Leather Kombis pages.
      Well, I guess the inside of those chest waders is of a greenish hue, but maybe it's the skinny olive hip waders we're supposed to be looking at!  The label says they're Field & Stream, made by the Ranger Rubber Boot Company.   They're a bit on the small side for me, but thin socks and talc take care of that minor inconvenience!   I like them a lot, as the following photos may hint. Melon Green Briefs, Chesters and Hippers!
Melon Frog in Garden       Discerning viewers of my Hot Garden page may remember a simlar pose.   I'm not sure if I've ever used the melon gear without these boots, they go together so well!
      I promised you Chain Mail, and I bring you Chain Mail!   It's bronze you know, and seems to go pretty well with melon foam, and with the olive Field and Stream boots.   I'm not sure from what era the metal helm is supposed to hail. Chain Mail and Metal Head with Rubber HipWaders
Hodgman Green Hip Waders      Is there such a color as light olive?   The Hodgman "Rod&Reel" are a hard color to name.   They have very effective internal Knee supports, but I don't believe I have a photo to display that.  The leather briefs are very soft, despite being nylon lined!
      There's a good bit more green to follow!   Please click on the linked photo at left to continue.
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