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Chest-high Rubber, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
      It looks as though the Tingley Waders have just begun or are finishing a Hot Tub session.   We've sort of been dancing around this topic, and I hear that the new Rubber Section Update will feature a large amount of Hot Tubbery Hijinks!   It does seem that the Tingleys are well overdue for such immersion.   They may look almost green from neglect, but they sure smell rubbery! Tingley Chesters and a Hot Tub
Woodlands Rubber Chesters       This was a strange entry on eBay, and I bid the mininum more out of curiosity, since after all the camouflage pattern is just stamped on fabric.   But the green rubber inseams created a frankly swashbuckling image!   And when I won them, and got possesion, and found that the insides were pure rubber, well, all doubts were dropped!   You may recognize the Ranger "Field and Stream" Hippers being used as rubber wraps?
      If I appear uncommonly happy, I would ask that you note that smooth rubber aginst warm skin has that effect upon me?!   The boot labels report that they are "World Famous" and ungramatically add, "Another Quality Products"!   In fact the boot section is the only non-rubbery area inside. World Famous Waderman?
Sleeping Woodlands Rubberman       You might guess that there is an interesting story behind these photos.   You'll get to find out almost everything when you visit the "Playful Waders Section" later in this series.   I think I can report that I now understand more what some more experienced wadermen have claimed about the exciting pleasures waders can bring a man!
      I'm sure you've all been bored to tears with the extensive coverage given to my Wader Trousers look!   Well, here we have a series of photos featuring those same brown chesters, but the chest section is left in view.   And even though I'm not in as much gear as other sets, I hope that you too can enjoy the difference!   It's my favorite linesman's belt, and the chained hobbles. Brown Chesters Rear View
Brown Chesters Crotch View       This must be my Size 9 copy of the North West Territory chesters:   They fit in my crotch correctly!  And, they really are tall enough to be called CHEST Waders!
      This photo is primarily to prepare the scene for the next, contrasting one.  I had cunningly set the hobbles at exactly the right height so I could "strain" against them<G>! Hobbled Chesterman!
Un-Hobbled, Low-Crotch Waderman!       Well, I swan!!  These must be the Size 8 copies of my Brown Chesters.   Don't need the hobbles to be definitely limited in crotch mobility!   The belt in this case is a very heavy weight lifing job.   My open-face gas mask is the only one I really like to wear!!
      This is a suspend disbelief photo, I reckon!   Unbeknownst to the casual observer, I am wearing a plain cloth jockstrap OVER my Chesters.   But, it's been thoroughly coated with mud to make it ALMOST disappear!!   Because they seem to fit so well through the crotch, these must be the Size 9 Brown Chesters, wouldn't you say?   Same lifting belt as in the previous photo, and I've gone back to the rubber trousers look.
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MudJock and Brown Chesters
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