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Chest-high Rubber, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
      I've owned two pair of these chest waders, so much fun have they been!   Of course, they're North West Territory from the venerable Kmart Brown Wader Trousers & Green Shirt
Brown Chesters and Olive Shirt       Thing is, the rubber on the NWT waders is fairly flexible, and pretty easy to turn inside at the top, creating an apparently conventional waistband of fully rubber trousers.   It's a powerful image for me, and I hope you'll humor me three rather similar photos in a row!
      Just in case I haven't told you this before, my neoprene foundation garment for these photos is the Ironman Hydroglide.   The shirt is a copy in Polyamide of a policeman's.  The cap is my favorite, and I don't have a cop cap in rubber, so there!!  I would suspect by the status of my bulge, that there is a substantial JockUps presence under everything else. Cop Shirt and Rubber-booted trousers!
AVID Chesters Wrap!       My oldest extant chest waders were some I found in a flea market near Hagerstown, Maryland.   They were featured in an extended set of photos both on my site and at   It seems that they have very nearly received an honourable discharge from waderly duties, at least for now!
      I did find one unpublished, and alas, headless photo of the AVID Chesters.   (AVID -- That's all it says on their label.)  I'm not sure if theyu're still leak-free, as they have experinced a VERY full life!   Do you remember, they actually appear deep olive when soaking wet?   In this photo, only the boot sections are shiny, and I'd say they were more brown than green. <AVID Chesters and latex Tanktop
Green Chesters in Endless Foundation       The Ironman always heeds the call when Chesters are to be worn! !  The label on these green chest waders proudly says "Pro GEAR".  I figured the water was shallow enough that I didn't really need wader suspenders!
      I guess suspenders would make this a little neater pose, but you get the idea.  They're plenty tall for all but the deepest pools!  The water level in the finished Endless Pool will be just about at my shoulder level, so maybe these waders will get wet on more than one side?  We'll have to test that! Wide-stance Pro Gear Chesters Pose
Cornered Chesters in a Green Mood       I think we can safely state that these waders are leak-free at least up to their seat.  Further testing resullts are pending. . . .
      Remember the Tingleys?  They're the closest thing to a wholly conventional and fully black set of chest waders I've been able to find!  Their 50 inch circumference isn't their biggest problem.  Discerning viewers may try to calulate from my bulge location how much too short their inseam measurement might be!
       We've reached the half-way point of my current batch of Chest Wader photos. Please click the link on the photo at right to continue the tour.
Tingley Chest Waders at Spa Side
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