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Brown Rubber, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
      One final photo of those dark brown waders.   Maybe because they are so plain, they've seen an awful lot of hard use and play, and seem to be ready for more!!  Kneeling poses are not easy on the knees, but they're a good way to leave these waders! Kneeling Dark Brown Waders
Pebbled Brown Waders and Black Diamond Coat       Finally, we get to see my new pebbled brown waders again.   They seem to be the only brown, though!  The three-zip vest and laced scrimmage shorts are both of non-foam neoprene, while the Black Diamond Raincoat is a rubber classic.
      Here are the pebbled waders without the raincoat.  I think we can almost make out the pebbled pattern in this photo.   Somehow, I always have trouble with camera focus when taking pictures in my Great Room. Pebbled Brown Waders in the Great Room
Coon Hunter Boots & Black Rubber       Wow!   I don't think I've ever seen my Coon Hunter Boots looking so shinily liquid!!  Must have fallen in the ArmorAll bottle while wearing them! A friend had told me about these unusual boots available years ago from Cabella's, the hunting and fishing outfitter.   I think I might have gotten the last pair.
      Tell me honestly now, would anyone else juxtapose 'coon huntin' boots with hockey gear?   I found the puck in one of my weekly Litter Patrol walks.   Those very baggily padded shorts are supposedly call a hockey jock, but there's no basket protection whatsoever!!  Of course, there is ample room to add almost anything one wants along that line<G>! Coon Hunters and Hockey Gear!
Coon Hunter Boots and Harness       Some time ago, a friend sent me this neat pair of Darlex-coated bicyclist's pants.   The rear panels are plain lycra, but the front panels are rubber-coated, supposedly for more warmth.   I'm not sure why I don't have more photos of this outfit, but suspect they will show up somewhere!  You do get to see what small ankle boots these are, and with pants there's a bit more point to their height!
      Another view of the pebbled brown waders and ensemble.   My bulge tends to be more subtle when wearing these shorts, but this seems to be a reasonable presentation! Pebbled Brown Boots & Black Diamond Raincoat
SealDri Latex Waders on the WaderBed!       I thought I had used all of the good shots from my Wader Bed photo sesssion of two years ago, and then I discovered this one.  Those are the Seal-Dri molded latex chest waders I'm wearing.   Their stocking feet are protected in this case by what Cabella's called their Marsh Boot.   Shortly after this photo was made, I was able to get a replacement pair for these that were almost in pieces at the time!  Don't know why they called them Marsh Boots, but I do believe they're also out of production, alas.
      I can't make up my mind what color group these very neat boots belong in!   When I first bought them, they seemed to be brown, and I so called them in my Rubberdrobe Directory.   But look at them in bright sunlight and they can appear to be a very deep, earthy green!  They're made by Gary Olen's Sportsman's Guide, of course under their Guide Gear brand.   You'll see more pictures under the Green Waders section! Guide Gear Greenish Brown?
ProLine Brown and UniRoyal Green       Here we're closing almost where we began, with the Pro Line waders.   It does appear that I'm holding one of the UniRoyal blue-trimmed waders, too, but then you've seen plenty of them, right?
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