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Black Rubber, Man-Pleasin' Boots

This page was last updated on: January 10th, 2005
      First off, here's a second shot of the earlier photo.   The Macho Martial Arts "RedMan" combat training jock is more clearly visible, and it does make a very positive statement, besides feeling good and roomy inside.   The shorts' comparatively tame codpiece has been removed for the occasion!   This photo also shows to better vantage the feature that makes the waders particularly unique:   Note the rounded protrusions at ankle height, the reason I call them "Ball-sided". Ball-Sided Waders & RedMan Jock
Viking Waders in Muddy Water       After much searching, I finally located another pair of pure black waders!   And, in Delta Junction, Alaska, of all places.   They're made by Viking, the Scandanavian manufacturer of diving dry suits.   Of course, my friend and I had to take them on a muddy section of bridal path to test them out!
      Ah, this water's a bit clearer, and substantially deeper!   The Vikings are much glossier than my old English Ball-sided waders.  Yes, that's a quilted leatherjock I'm wearing over the Slickskins neoprene shorts and tanktop. Deepwater Viking waders
Ball-sided Waders and Brown Chesters       One last pose of the Ball-sided waders with the Redman Jock.  You'll be getting to see more of the NorthWest Territory Chesters on the next page, I'm thinking.
      Many Rubberman may remember Peter Tolos, who started a couple of rubber businesses and publications back in the early 1990s.   While there may have been some problems there from time to time, he did come up with some inventive ideas that at least were new to me.   Peter sold me the Ball-sided waders, and was also the source of the chain made from interlinked rubber O-rings!   Makes a neat harness, and it's not so cold to the touch as steel links<G>! Neoprene O-ring Harness and Ball-Sided Waders
Garden Harness       A standing pose does the harness more justice.   Frequent LeatherOaks viewers are sure to recognize my favorite modified-bulge neoprene trunks, but did you notice something different?   I've folded the top inside, to give them even more of a sudden rise appearance!
      In my apartment quarters in Alaska, the day after buying the Viking Hip Waders.  They do glisten, don't they?   It was cool enough to wear a T-shirt under my leather tanktop. Viking Waders in a Stairway
Ball-Sided Waders and Squirm Suit       Oooh, this is an intense photo, I don't know if I should publish it.   Of course, you immediately recognized those "over-exposed" ball-sided waders, and you may suspect that I'm wearing my new Squirm Suit from the person of the same name.   And you might recognize what I'm terming my "Power Force" belt, modified with the addition of through-the-crotch leg straps.   Speaking of my crotch, and the uncommon bulge, I believe this was an early public view of my Melon Igloo.   Yup, take a regular Melon Foam JockUp and add a tube off the top, and you've got an incredible male enhancement toy<G>!
      Just so you'll know that I indeed did have the Viking Waders with me in Alaska, or at least in some area with snowy mountains, I present this final Black Rubber Waders pose!  Photo was made by my friend, Jim Sulver. Viking Waders and Alaska Mountains
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