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Latex Briefs and Neoprene Trunks
Working Wetly but always Enjoyably!!!

This page was last updated on: January 17th, 2006
     Visitors to my site are already aware that I use the word "work" rather humorously when in conjuction with rubber.   Wearing rubber gear is so much fun and provides pleasures on so many levels, that the amazing thing is any work can be accomplished while I'm wearing it!  This new visit into purportedly work-related photos will do nothing to lessen that suspicion!
        Once in a while, my Trike does get washed, long after it's been determined to be in need of such attention.  We actually got the camera out this time to document the rare occurence!
Trike Soaping Rubberman
Bulge-Totin' Trike Washer         I bet you wondered how I would work a bulge into such a prosaic activity as Trike Washing?   Nothing to it, my friend!!
        It's those great old moulded latex briefs with the contoured legs, and why shouldn't they get a good soaping, too?  You'll probably recognize that heavy leather lifting belt too.  Well, those sponges get a might weighty when fully watered. Soaped Latex Briefs
Groped Rubber Work Suit        It was early on a summer morning, and the dew was still around, or was it sprinkler system juices?  Still cool enough to at least pretend that I wear more while cutting grass than I have formerly!  It's those favorite neoprene briefs with ample codspace, complemented by the Slickskin 3-zip vest, nondescript rubber boots and a so-called "linesman's" belt.   Grope by Harold who felt he needed it.
        Out of focus alert!!  How can this be on an "automatic" camera?   Easy, you ruin the remote from unauthorized wetness, then try to use the self timer anyway.  Camera focusses on scene without you in it, and you get sharp grass and fuzzy Harold!  Actually, I think it makes my bulge look even sexier, if such is possible!! Fuzzy Rubber Mowerist!
Seated Rubber Mowerist        Sometimes a rubberman has to take his rest breaks on the equipment at hand.  Troy-Bilt does make this more comfortable than older mowers did!
        Another very fuzzy photo, but what a great pose:  Obviously, the mower had not been started yet on this day! Lawnmower Rubber Pose
Drenched Rubberman!!       Wow!!  The very next photo, and how different!  No sun, drenching rain, and what happpened to my mower?
       Oh, I remember.  This is a little four-wheeled scooter intended to be used for seated gardening.  I suspect the "rain" is a sprinkler system in full aquatic cry.  Even in the summer, well water is pretty cool stuff!!  Remember when our mothers used to scold us for playing this way?  Oh, hi Mom, care to join me?
       Rubber work is serious business.   No matter how much fun we might be having, we don't show it, Okay?   Now, if you want to see a closeup of my drenched rubberman bulge, then you know what to do about it, right? I will not grin!
Right Rubberman Profile        Harold looked left.  He glanced right.  He stayed drenched and very rubbered.  Wet rubber seemed the very essence of this garden place and time. Left Rubberman Profile
        Water sports can be endured without skis, sled or sailboat.  Are we gazing into a wetter future out there?
      Work in Rubber!!  Will anything productive get done, or will the grass get the more muddy?   Please click my leatherjock to find the answers on Page Two . . . . More Working Rubber, this way!!!
Pressing on, in Rubber
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