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Neoprene Trunks, Rubber Briefs, Latex Tanksuit
and a Harnessed Neoprene RubberJock!!

This page was last updated on: December 29th, 2005
     There's three briefs and a harness jock to be covered on this page, so we'd best get rubber cracking!   According to my notes, the first photo was taken on July 7th, 1999, only two months after I moved into the digital camera age.  The square-cut neoprene briefs were my first essay into bulge-modified rubber gear.  Of course, you'll recognize the Ranger Firemaster boots, too! Squarecut Neoprene Briefs
Wetsuit Harness Jock         This is stretching the focus of the "Rubber Trunks and Briefs" section to include something that is neither, but it didn't seem to fit well anywhere!  You may know that i've always been fascinated with the old beavertail shirts that used to be the upper half of every make of two-piece wetsuit.  I made a capaciously-pouched thong jockstrap out of one, and when I cut up an old shirt for other projects, I usually save the beavertail area.  The shirt used in the current project was too small for me, but in great condition.
     Over six years later, these are still great briefs!  The waist is folded down to give the briefs an apparent lower rise.   The fireman's boots haven't aged that much -- these are the Servus that I patched back together. Squarecut Briefs and Servus Fireboots
Wetsuit Harness Jock, Seated        I figured if I started cutting sections out, I could loosen the shirt up enough to make it more comfortable.  What developed is a cross between a harness and a jockstrap, all cut from one otherwise unmodified shirt!
I bet you think you've seen this photo before and I believe I did send some from this series to the Rubbermen site many years ago.   The neat thing about it?   Yes, those are amber latex trunks, in their mostly opaque state right now.  But, it's a Tom Brief I made from inner tube rubber being worn over the trunks! Amber Trunks, IT Rubber Tom Brief, O-ring Harness
Beavertail Visible and Jockpouch Components        You see, I told you this was a beavertail shirt at the start!   In my left hand, I'm holding the components that completed the presentation.   It's the old style of Giant Banana hard cup and a rubber-pouched jockstrap.  Yeah, of course, it's really just rubber-coated fabric, but what would you?!
       What, another grope?   Well considering the number of layers there, I'm not sure it even counts!  Those Firemasters were sure my waders of choice back then.   In fact, they weren't far from being my "Waders of Only!"  Ah, how times change.  I should mention there's another pose linked to the photo at right. Groped Trunks
Looking Better!        What a smile, and from someone "in their cups"?  Perhaps it's a mirage, but I do think the combination works pretty well together.
      As I mentioned on an earlier page, the "neoprene dive briefs" formerly sold by International Jock were not practical at all in their intended wear. The front panel was of a thin, nylon II neoprene with absolutely no formed pouch to it. Even without my JockUps, it never worked the way a man expects such an undergarment to perform!  Not to be dismayed, I immediately turned the briefs around.  The huge seat area, made of stretch lycra, makes a great pouch, and the old front panel doesn't do too badly as a limited seat cover.  In this photo, I believe there are three (3) stacked melon foam Curve Uplifter JockUps inside that thing, and it's not even maxed out.  The waistband is folded over to lower the rise.  Now I could DIVE for that! Uplifted Dive Brief!
Don't Look Back There ! !       Would you swim in this gear?   Well, I was intending to do so, even though it was still fairly early in the year.   That's an AquaSphere coated fabric/neoprene swimsuit I'm pulling on in this photo.  P. S.  Since then, I have swum in just the wetsuit harness, no cups or extra jocks.  It's a very strange way to enjoy the water!
      I'm betting there are several folks out there just dying to see the back of this creation!  Well, I'm here to tell you, there's nothing at all back there.  Trust me, not even neoprene!  If you really must see for yourself, click the link on the photo.   Just remember, I warned you!
      If there's anyone still watching after that last shot, here's one more of the reversed neoprene dive brief.  I mostly use this thing under other gear:  It never looks finished enough for public exposure to me.
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Reversed Neoprene Dive Briefs
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