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Hard-finished Neoprene Gear
In a Variety of Settings and Modes!!!

This page was last updated on: January 6th, 2006
     What is Slickskin?  Slickskin was the name given to a hard-surfaced, non-foam neoprene used for apparel marketed by Dungeon Enterprises a number of years ago.  It's a demanding material when used for clothing:  Not nearly as flexible as regular neoprene, nor as stretchy as latex, but it will take a liquid sheen!
        While they were selling it, I bought about half a dozen pieces, and have tried just about every combination possible by now!  These pages feature some of the better results!   Enjoy!
      The first three pieces I bought sort of went together.   I had gotten their zipfront tank top with red stripes, the lace-front scrimmage shorts with blue stripes, and a deep-well jockstrap with not stripe.  So you could say I was ready in "Red, Black and Blue", but I'm not sure what that would mean!  In this case though, the shirt is their "Bondage Tee".
SlickSkin Ensemble
SlickSkin Grope         Same outfit.  Did I mention that the chain harness was from my first visit to Mister "S" in 1980!  Of course, I made the inner tube rubber cap, and yes, am giving myself a well-deserved grope!
     A closeup of the shorts and jockstrap.   In case you haven't figured it out, the shorts have no built-in give to the pouch.  I found it a lot more comfortable to fold the fly back a little, and dress my equipment between two rows of the rubber laces.  Then, the jockstrap was very nicely prominent.   I've done the Litter Patrol in exactly this outfit many times!  Well, I guess I DID omit the Chain and collar!! Slickskin Pouch Central
Belt and Slickskin        Mercy!   I didn't mention that the very spiky collar was made by "Mad Max" of Caught-in-the-Act!  I bet I'll be wearing that lifting belt in the next photo.  Yes, dear viewer, those are laced-side leather chaps!
        Yep!  For reasons not clear at this time, the boots were fairly nondescript, probably old military combat. Slickskin, Chaps and Lifting Belt
Slickskin Lateral Pose        I think I like this pose just a little bit better!  While not visible in any of these photos, the "bondage collar" consists of a narrow strap with a locking buckle.
        Only one third of this outfit is Slickskin, but you do get to see my red-striped tank top!  Lots of polish was applied before the camera was operated.   In many ways, these are some of the better photos of my SuperFront shorts!  The boots are the Coon Hunters from Cabela. Slickskin Tank & SuperFront Shorts
Slickskin & Superfront        I couldn't choose between these two poses, and I do have a small confession to make:  One of them has been printed in mirror image! Slickskin & Superfront
       Well, there was one more good pose from this session, although I'm somewhat at a loss as to how the image got foggy at the bottom!   I think they're English sand blasting gloves. Kneeling in Slickskin
Slickskin & Turquoise Neoprene        I think there have been one or two poses used from this sequence.  Those shorts had always bugged me since they were so man-unflattering if I wore them "properly"!  You saw how I'd already used a matching Slickskin jock on the outside, but then its waistband broke, and I needed another solution.
      I remembered this Turquoise Neoprene "Dive Vest," so-called I think because of the funny clasps on the front.   And, I'd been making JockUps from what I term "Knuckled Turquoise" foam, so that was a start!
      Goodness!  This page went fast!  Please click my leatherjock, so we can get on to SlickSkin, Page Two . . . . Please Sir, more Slickskins!!!
SlickSkinned Turquoise
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