Dry Suits -- Page Two

Orange Rubber Diving Suit
and Pool Floating Endlessly!!

This page was last updated on: January 17th, 2006
     There's been a photo of two orange-suited rubbermen haunting me for some time.   Ever since I saw this photo on Hank Black's Dive Site, I've been trying to locate a similar suit!  Several people have suggested sources, but the suits they were proposing all had the rather conventional rear shoulder entry.  What makes these suits so intrigueing is the combination of the entry zipper running from back to hood, and the black rubber accenting every seam!  The distinction is more than just a different convention, as it appears that a suit with such a zipper arrangement can follow a man's natural contours much more snugly.  Of course, this feature alone would catch Harold's interest!! Twin Orange Rubber Suits
Alas, neither of these men is Harold, but don't I wish<G>! !
Orange Drysuit over Beuchat Wetsuit         One thing seemed to be pretty clear, from the emblem on the one diver's suit, they seemed to be made by Viking.  So, I started watching for Viking suits showing up on eBay.  The Viking Sport Suit seemd to come closest, and sure enough an orange suit maybe a size too small showed up for sale!
     I like the snug way this thing fits, but getting into it is a mite tedious!   And there's no one around to help, either! Orange Suit Put-on!
Sleeves Achieved!        Well, we've achieved sleeves!   Hope the rest of the process goes as smoothly.  
        The neck dam has been penetrated, with no loss of hair.  The little fabric bonnnet would see to that under any circumstances, I'm guessing. Blue-trimmed Bonnet on orange rubberman
Hooded but Unzippered        The hood wasn't that hard to get into, but who's going to pull my zipper?   It's a mite drafty back there!!
        I bet tath if you click on the link, the zippery deed will be done!!
        I'm still not smiling!   Well, it does appear that almost everything is put together. Hooded in Earnest?
DrySuited and Waist Deep!        Well, it seems that my new suit is waterproof up to the waist!   The hood seems a mite loose, though, don't you think?
        How about that, this thing will float!   Don't know how long, but without a weight belt, I might not do a lot of swimming in this rig!
Floating Orange Rubberman
        Is it my imagination, or is this thing losing air? My sleeves seem to be a mite less full already!
Deflating Floating Orange Rubberman
        It doth appear that Harold is floating ever lower in the water.  I think the camera operator feared for the loss of his third camera remote long about now!
      We have exhasuted the drysuit section at this time!   Please click Harold's Leatherjock, to return to the Rubber Department Selection Page!! More Rubber Please !!!
Low Floating Rubberman!
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