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This page was last updated on: January 16th, 2006
Melon Foam Jockstrap      I've had lots of plans for this great "Melon Foam" as I term it!  Its original use was as camp pads under sleeping bags in colder climes or rockier areas.  To me, it seemed ideal JockUp material, as it's rugged, non-absorbent, and senually appealing in many ways.
       Since the stuff worked so well as JockUps, why couldn't I use it to make a whole jockstrap?  How about a rubber copy of that great old Trump Wye-front design?  It's still my favorite leatherjock!
       To our left and right are the first-wear photos of the finished project.
Melon Foam Jock in Profile
        Well, turns out that the first use of this Melon Foam was really as a pad on my waterbed!  For some months it also functioned as the bottom sheet on my personal sensual sleep surface.  That's Jason, a stuffed wetuit-cum-playmate with whom I share every night's sleep.  He's helping me try out that first Melon Foam garment!
Melon Foam Jock Bedded
       Jason's an amazingly tolerant Rubber mate!  My Boots dropping on his rubber torso didn't appear to faze the fella at all.  Of course, he knows where he'll be every night, though . . .
Jason and Harold Kicked Back
Melon Foam Pose         Jason must have had a rough night:  He doesn't appear to have moved at all!  It did give me a chance to take this pose unobserved.
        When one thinks of greens with this much earth in them, one turns to thoughts of frogs.  The next Melon Foam creation I made was this little frog-faced cap!  Yes, I know I had it on crooked!   My wardrobe manager was in the other room playing with Jason!
       The Gardassian fella seems to have made another appearance behind the scenes here.  Check out the link! (In both of these photos, a six-foot length of the foam is being used as a bandolier-style "harness"!)
Melon Foam Froggy
Melon Foam Warrior        I've long had this fascination with images from the "Masters of the Universe" cartoon series.   This photo is my take on the harness that "He Man" wore!
        A profile view of the same outfit.  Biggest problem with using the Melon Foam as a contruction material for wearable gear is finding contact cements that will bond it permanently.  It doesn't take kindly to most latex or rubber-based adhesives.  Loktite brand contact cement is the most durable I've found to date. Melon Warrior in Profile
Melon Foam Brief        Much as I like the Melon Foam Jock, its very nature is also a major impediment to my wearing it routinely.  But, I'll wear briefs or trunks virtually anytime or anywhere!   Here's a photo of my second attempt at making briefs of the Melon Foam!  It's also a better picture of the Melon Warrior Harness, too.
        Here's a picture of the second Melon Foam Brief under construction.   A friend had so admired the first, I had given it to him.  Thg new one was to be sewn and studded together for greater durability. Melon Foam Brief Under Construction
Melon Foam Brief Profile View       The top stud pulled through the foam, so i't now been reinforced with fender washers.   I think also I had not originally intended to stitch the foam together, but obviously this is a high-stress garment!!
       The linked photo is another view of the same outfit.   The briefs really became a favorite fast, usually worn with the same Ranger "Field and Stream" waders.
       In some weather, the foam harness added too much heat, so my favorite heavy leather lifting belt was a handy substitute! Melon Foam Briefs and Lifting Belt
Melon and Mail        You remember that six-foot length of melon foma I had used as a harness earlier?  Well, I bet you'd never thought that it could be used as a belt!  The occasion was the trying on of my chain male jock pouch. That same heavy lifting belt you saw earlier was going to become the chain male jock's permanent waistband, but for adjustment purposes, something a little easier to handle was called for.
        Another view, more close and personal, of my Chain male jock.  In case you're wondering, there are two specially selected melon foam JockUps inside the pouch to provide definition and protection from chain rash<G>!
       The adventurous amongst you may click the link for a closer view of the chain male pouch.  It's Okay, I'm not publishing any of the NON-foam "protected" photos!!
Chain Male Foam Jock
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