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Keith's Page of Pond Rubber Briefs and Hoods
and Inner tube Rubber Jocks and Masks

This page was last updated on: May 7th, 2005
     I met Keith through my Web Site, sometime last summer.   We chatted some about pond rubber, as I remember, and how hard it is to find in the States.   First thing I knew, Keith was offering to send me a couple of his pond rubber (butyl, similar in formula to inner tube rubber) creations!   The funny hood I'm wearing is what Keith called a GIMP mask.
      Keith explained what a GIMP is, and I confess I still don't understand.   It's plenty roomy though, don't you think?
      Would I actually swim in this rig?  Just be patient, my friend!!  We'll get there!
A GIMP Swimmer?
GIMP Mask & Baggy Briefs      Oh, those shorts?  The ones with the red stripe on the front?  Keith called them his "Y-front" briefs, and I guess if you're looking down on them from above, that might be right!!  They were a mite baggy at first, which is why I'm wearing them over a wetsuit!!
     After some further correspondence with Keith, I got permission to take the shorts up.   Keith had used strips of the same pond rubber to lace the briefs together, so it was easy to make the adjustment.  Doesn't this look better?   I'm betting they're just about ready, along with the GIMP mask, for trial by pool!! Resized Y-Front Briefs
Drenched Rubber Mask and Briefs!        Well, the briefs are swimmable, I'm happy to report, but we'll have to do something about that mask:  It takes a powerful long time for the water to drain out and air to flow back in, so not a good fit for lap swimming!
       Here's another attempt for the GIMP mask, with my favorite lightweight wetsuit, the Beuchat !  They seem to go well together, don't they?   I've asked Keith to put his creativity to the task of rigging one of his masks with goggles, and can we figure a way for me to breathe without resorting to a snorkle??!! GIMP and Beuchat, a Rubber Match!!
Zeta UnRubber Suit        Well, since the GIMP Mask didn't swim well while I was wearing a neoprene wetsuit, how about one of "neutral bouyancy" material?   Mister GIMP looks very wet, doesn't he?
       You're proably dying to ask how my rubberjock got on the outside of the Zeta suit.  Well, I'm determined not to tell you, so is it a draw?   The GIMP is an easy mask to wear, but I don't think I'll put aside my swim goggles just yet! GIMP and RubberJock
Keith's Harness Jock       Well, this is a change of pace!!  In Keith's second CARE package, what should I find but this really neat rubberjock with harnsess/suspenders pretensions!   Definitely a keeper, the pouch is comfortable, even without JockUps.   I'd say that "Wild AcornBear" has a definite winner in this one!
      Another photo of the RubberJock Harness.   There's another whole page featuring photos of Keith's creations, but if you'd like to e-mail him now, here's that link! Wild Acorn Bear  Keith's Rubber Harness Jock
Inner Tube Executioner       Keith was so excited about my reaction to his GIMP Mask and Y-front Briefs, that he wasted no time devising some wilder gear.   You just saw his Harness Jock, but did that prepare you for this mask?
      Is it an executioner, or someone who doesn't like breathing very much?   After some discussion with Keith, I did figure out how to get the mask on all the way (it fits VERY snugly).   I believe that there are more photos of the Inner Tube Executioner on the next page.   Click that link in a hurry, please!
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