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Qunitana Roo Full Suit
in Lusty Hot Tub Activities!!!

This page was last updated on: January 4th, 2006
     Welcome to the Hot Suits Section!   I've been wearing Competitive Swimming wetsuits in non-competitive settings for a little over ten years.   Finding a few similar wetsuits (for skiing, surfing, etc.) had piqued my curiosity, but it was when my own interest in swimming was rekindled that I rediscovered this class of rubber for the very first time<G>!
      I can't remember exactly how I discovered the Quintana Roo neoprene suits.   I do remember being cautioned not to call them Dive Suits in discussions with the company, as they only sell swim suits!  There have been many previously published photos of my Quintana Roo full suit, but this may be the first published time that the suit has been wet!
Spa-side Quintana Roo
Foam-tossed Man Bulge         Oooh!!  That's getting down and dirty (I mean wet) fast, isn't it.   Don't you love it when a bulge sort of floats through the foam? I think it's reasonable to assume that I had a guest photographer for this sequence, too.
       Note:  For full-size versions of the horizontal photos on this page, please click on the link.
     Manfully, Quintana ROOman struggles to tame the blue Spa Float Monster, locked in drenching forays of fun! Spa Float Struggle!
Thigh-clinched Spa Float        Mercy!  I'd forgotten what a great session this was!!  Makes me want to suit up and jump in:  That tough ol' Spa Float will never know what squeezed it, but my groin sure will!
        Ah!  The joys of youthful energy!  (These photos were taken four years ago New YEar's Eve!)  Here I appear to be doing Spa-Floated Bulge-Ups, based on the blur of activity in that critical area.  It was fun then, and I bet I can still enjoy that <G>! Spa-floated Bulge-Ups
Ride 'em Roo Boy!!        The adrenaline sure must have been in high production during this set!   Here's an aquatic update on that highly macho bareback pony ride, and "Look Ma, no Reins!"
       Looks like good, clean fun to me, sluicing and standing!   I wonder how many deep knee bends I could do that way? Spa Float Ride Triumphant!!
Spa Float Brace        More overarching aquatics!  Acheing calves?  Whose acheing calves, not mine, suredly!  Ah,it's a great rubber life!!
       New photographer and different date, but the same sensually charged aquatic idea.  This suit seems to bring out the rubber beast in me, and ain't it beautiful?  My poor Spa Float appears to be getting the humpin' of its wet foamy life! Spa Float Humpbacked Rider
Spa Float Loin Cloth?        Ah, the old inner thigh exercise regimen using the Spa Float Loincloth Grip!  I bet this will keep several interests up!
      A relaxing moment before the next flex!  It's too bad that all wet rubber days can't be this much fun!!  One final pose of the mystery black latex briefs.   Maybe I can find them again, sometime!
      Wow!  We're about halfway through the Quintana Roo stuff, but the really heavy photos are yet to come!  You'll see what I mean when you click my Leatherjock to send us on to the next page.  Here's the link to Hot Suits, Page Two . . . .  Get Ready! Hot Rubber Suits, anyone?!!
Floated Suit Relaxation
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