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Swimming Endlessly in Full Coverage Wetsuits
More or Less, but always Enjoyably!!!

This page was last updated on: January 7th, 2006
     Swimming!  I was a late starter, but it's stayed with me as the most pleasurable athletic activity!  I had gotten out of the habit after moving off the beach until a good friend, Ed Mullican, asked me to work out with him at the Biloxi Natatorium.  By then, I was already well into alternative wear of gear, and even public bulging in swim suits.   The folks at the Natatorium seemed to take it in their stride!   One of the Life Guards even took this photo of my new Beuchat hooded wetsuit! Beuchat Natatorium
Beuchat Wet!         I swam at the Natatorium for about ten years, even buying Resident passes once my area was incorporated into the city.  Sometimes, I'd be the only one there, save the guards!  But increasingly, swim team practices and other events began cutting into the recreational lap swimming hours and lanes.  Lots of guys would just leave in frustration!
     I was missing the days when holidays, practices, etc., closed the Natatorium.  Also, medical issues were making it clear that when I DID swim, I felt much better.   (Isn't it great when something you really like is actually, demonstrably GOOD for you??!!)  Somehow while Web surfing, I ran across the Endless Pools Web Site!  Just about five months later, I was filling my own Endless Pool!  I was too excited at the time, but I believe it was my new Squirm Suit that got to feel water above the ankles for the first time!!  There is a closeup available of my suit:  Just click on the photo for the link. Thigh-high Water!
Endless Pool Filling!        Well, it didn't really take that long to fill.   Besides, with all of the plumbing connections to complete, my first Endless swim wasn't instantaneous!   We tried taking photos of that first swim, but I was moving so fast, it was all a blur.
        My old friend, the Ironman, was one of the first suits I used in my new Endless Pool.  Starting outdoor swimming in January will point out the importance of some insulation:   Even though I can keep the water temperature cozy, when you get out, that cold air can feel awfully brisk on bare skin! Endless Ironman
Belted Ironman?        Did I really swim wearing a grommetted rubber belt around my Ironman's waist?  I do not recall <G>!
        It was tempting to leave this rubber "Master Belt Harness" on while swimming, just to see if it could be done.  The historical record does not reveal the results. Master Harnessed Ironman!
O'Neill Heat Wetsuit        This is a heavy suit!  It can look great when wet, but you better be wearing a heavy weightbelt if you want to be in the water!  I confess that the O'Neill "Heat" has no been swum yet in my Endless Pool!
       The O'Neill has a disadvantage, from my perspective, of not being 100% neoprene.   The blue sections are nylon, alas!  While beyond the scope of this page, because it is such a forgiving suit, the O'Neill Heat has become a favorite for outdoors wear in cold weather yardwork! Moustachioed O'Neill
Endless Latex Triathlon        This suit was another fortunate eBay bid.  You'll see many more photos in its own section, termed "Latex Suits"!
      One of the least "adorned" photos of this suit I have to date made!   No chains, hoods or harness:  I feel positively naked!!  In a relative sense, of course.
      Humph!!  The page didn't seem Endless at all to me!  Please click my leatherjock, so we can get on to Endless Suiting, Page Two . . . . Suits me to Swim Endlessly!!!
Smilling Latex Triathlete
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