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Swimming Endlessly in Briefs,
Thongs or Trunks!!!

This page was last updated on: January 7th, 2006
     My very own pool!  A secluded setting! !!  Who could fail to guess where this combination might lead a naturally inventive rubberman?  Starting swimming at home as I did in Jsnuary, I had to wait a few months, so my skin wouldn't blue as it came out of the water.
My old favorite Contoured Latex Trunks got the first nod as Endless swimming attire.
Moulded Latex Trunks
Latex Trunks, profile view         The latex trunks in profile. The occasion for these pictures was the addtion of a pool heat pump installation to my Endless Pool:  The first winter's power bills had been frankly frightening, and I wanted them lower!   Aoccording to my calculations, the heat pump should pay for itself in less than five years.
     If you've visited my Masculine Mounding Section, you know these briefs can bulge much more!   This is a rather conservative presentation for me.  Alright, alright!   I'm really going to get in the water this time! Climbing in the Pool!
Endlessly Swimming        As far as determining clothing options, "swimming" photos are the last place you want to go!  I believe it was the same suit:   It's black isn't it??
        Some y'ars ago, I bought this skimpy little suit from Koala, a company that specializes in provocative "swimwear".  The quotes are mine, because while all of their stuff is provocative, not much has any practical value for swimming.  Still, it does provide minimal "social security"! Koala Endless
Koala Pool Boy?!        I've seen pool boys wearing a lot of different gear, but none in this rig.  Should we try to start a trend?
        Does the pool boy get to adjust the swimming speed controls?  I'm sure he's just cleaning it. Pool Boy Adjustments
Pool Boy Cleaning Chore        This is more like it!  I think you missed a spot there, Boy!  You see, right next to my toe!
       Another of those "trust me" poses.  I'm reasonably certain that this would not be legal attire at any public pool!  Did I really swim in it? Would I even consider such a thing?   The very idea!! Black Bike in Pool
Blue Bulged Briefs        Well, it is blue, and brief, and rather fully bulged.  I'd imagine that is my Knuckled Turqouise Foam Uplifter doing the heavy lifting.
       The two suits I got from TruWest have become steadfast swimmers!  The marroon jammers are very snug in the leg, so one gets no sluicing of water through them at all.  No, the cap does NOT match! Marroon JammersI
Marroon Rubber Jammers        A second photo of the same suit.  Maybe we can get some action photos later.  Except for the snug legs, the suit is quite comfortable.
      The other suit I had ordered from TruWest was called Gold and Bronze Water Polo.   I can see the bronze, but that sure looks like pure yellow to me!
      If by chance you haven't seen my TruWest page yet, here's another chance.  Just click my leatherjock, so we can get on to the TruWest page. If you'd rather return to the Rubber Department Selection Page, please use your browser's BACK button! TruWest Rubber Suits!!!
Bronze and Gold Water Polo
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