Aquala and Chest Waders Greening

Sybartic Pleasures Continued!!

This page was last updated on: December 30th, 2005
     Aren't backlit or sidelit photos great for obfuscating the details you really want to see?   We do seem to have a misaligned JockUp inside my Rubber Jock.  I'm sure my photographer will get right on correcting that oversight! Wader Defenses Falling!
Half-removed Waders      The waders are folded at waist height, and I'm breathing heavily from air sources of indeterminate origin.   Can't imagine what's next, can you?
     Oh, good!   A nice pastoral rubber scene with everything in its place.   Even my rubberjock seems just where it belongs. Centered Rubberjock on Aquala
Aquala Supine Satisfaction        Mercy!  What would Ty say?  You know Aquala® Brand rubbersuited persons are not allowed to take personal pleasure into account!!  This will almost certainly be considered an unauthorized use of my suit.  Think I'll just sleep on that<G> !
     We seem to be in a later stage of Wader Shedding: It appears that only one leg of the Aquala® Brand suit is still residing in the waders. Waders Shedding, Terminal Phases
Waders Sniffing Aquala Wearer
      Whatever you're thinking about this photo, you're probably wrong!  Conversely whatever you're thinking about this photo, you're probably right! !   I think this must represent a triumph of right over wrong, don't you?
       We have competing versions of almost the same pose.   One, which we share publicly, shows a great deal of sensitivity.  The other, well I'm confident some will be able to read prurient or fetish overtones into my misplacing of the rubber thong for tieing off the relief tunnel. Tamely Posed Aquala Man
Chest Waders hugging Rubberman?       This is a fairly tame pose for me, but I'm sure someone will be able to read uncomplimentary intent into it!  Well, I like hugging waders, okay?  Besides, it's a really neat feel between one's legs, the massive molded rubber against the rubber clad thighs.   Do you suppose I should make a fetish of this?
      Maybe I am about to go grass diving.   Seems that I'm doing stretching exercises first, though.  For an off the rack suit, it does fit me very well, so maybe that's why I'm prolonging the experience ! ! Over the Shoulder Aquala Suit
IMG_2800 (46K)       We seem, alas, to have reached the end of this rubber pastoral interlude.   The lawn diver has gathered all of his gear, and is preparing to leave for cooler, moister climes.   Please have a safe journey back to my Rubber Section Main Page, or wherever your final destination may lead you!
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