Aquala and Chest Waders Greening

Sybartic Pleasures can come in many colors and textures!!

This page was last updated on: December 28th, 2005
     Well, it was bound to happen.   Those things we repress the most become the most desirable.  As soon as I made that declaration of disinterest in my old Aquala® drysuit, it seemed to beckon to me, begging to be dusted off and entered into.   What rubberman now, tell me, can long resist such a siren call<R>?
      Somehow, I was conveniently already in some comfortable black latex.   Layered?  Probably a tanksuit over a shortsleeved Tee.   Don't know what basketry development tactics might also have been employed.   Besides, "you know who"  wouldn't stand for it! !
Aquala Donning 101
Modestly, Greenly Attired      It's a classic old suit, even fits me very well.  My eyes are closed just to savor the moment.   Sorry, I couldn't seem to find a green rubber jockstrap to cover the relief tunnel.
     Well, here's a pretty pickle, my latex stockinged feet seem to be saying, "cover me in more rubber?"   Why certainly!   Would some nice green chest waders suffice?   You say I can't dive in them? Pro Gear Chest Waders?
One foot, one boot        Won't go on, eh?  My left foot says differently.   Wow, this may be the start of something rubbery!
     Pretty sharp looking, I think!  The "harness" is a French military surplus sidearms contraption, de-militarized by yours truly!   I bet if you follow the link on that photo you can see my posterior view, which also passes judgement, sharply speaking. ProGear Waders, Aquala Dryly
Green Gauntlets, anyone?       Seems to me this outfit is just crying out for some similarly hued gauntlets, do you think?  Surely there was no requirement for them to be rubber?   They're surplus and green, and three-fingered, come to think of it!
       But wait, I don't think I'd ever strap my smoke eater's mask on wearing those gloves.  First things first I say.  Funniest thing -- do I see a glint of green silicone inside the face plate?   Smoke's thick enough to swim in, then? SmokeEating, Diving Wader?
Helmetted for Rubber Riding?       Well, yes, divers do usually wear helmets, but . . . !   More French surplus, you think?   Well, it IS green !   Told you there was a silicone swim cap under that mask, didn't I?
      The completed ensemble:  The drab, staid Aquala® serving as the foundation for an all-hazards professional responder!  Oops!  We almost forgot the gauntlets!  Click on the photo and I bet you'll find them for me! Thoroughly Rubbered and Helmetted!
Aquala Off the Deck!       Well!   Are we going Lawn Diving, then?   Seems some of the professionalism edge has rusted right off with the move into vegetative surroundings.  Do you suppose this signals the start of the shameful fetishism that some fear to have connnected with the venerated name of Aquala® Brand?   Click that photo if you dare, especially if you prefer your rubber more earthily related!
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