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Spa-side and Wader-influenced Amber Latex!!

This page was last updated on: December 26th, 2005
     One of the most popular pages I've ever done was the Translucent Rubber Page.   I'm not sure exactly what people thought they would see, but it sure created a lot of interest.  We've gone back through the photo archives and found a few passed over views, along with a couple of previously unreleased "animated" sequences.  (The things I'll do with a little bit of time on my hands!)
      Remember Mandy?   The amber latex suit, that is?  I've located a few unpublished photos of its last public performance.   Here's one for you.
Mandy in Repose
Grinning      Well, whadaya know, there's yet another photo of the same outfit!   Not only that, I'm told there's an animated sequence behind this second photo.   There were about ten similar photos, with not much to choose between them, but they work together (sort of) as an animation!
     Remember those fabulous Forester 3000 boots from Hunter?   They seemed to require something else red with them, but how about amber latex trunks?   Felt good to me!  For folks who're curious about such things, I believe that's the Olympic black hard cup defining my bulge. Amber-trunked Forester
Amber latex trunks over layered jockstraps        It was a hot day in July, and what better way to spend the morning than splashing around my warm tub.   Thermostat turned off, get it?   This photo was another taken that same day!
     I seem to remember one or two pictures of this very snug latex mask being published, but how about another one?  Those AVID Chesters seem to be thoroughly distended by some major bulge building within their rubber walls.   Will we get to see how it's done?   Stay tuned, my friend, we can only do one photo at a time! Amber hooded rubberman
Study in Amber Latex       One of the neatest unpublished photos from my first photo session featuring amber latex. 
       My, my, so that's where my Turquoise Pineapple went!  Bet you didn't know those molded amber latex trunks would stretch that much.  Pineapple Packed Pouch
Peek - a Butt, anyone?       How do you turn the world upside down?   No problem for me, but how does it look to you?   Don't do this too often or you may get dizzy!
      Wow ! ! Well that's impressive!  The amber trunks just about disappear over the black tanktop's tail.   Neat effect, what? Amber latex hood and Pineapple Basket
Sprayed PondRubber Hood       That Jason is quite a prankster!   I was cleaning him up, getting him all polished for a joint photo shoot, and he grabbed the ArmorAll spray bottle!  It did mellow later in the session, and you can see some of the results on Keith's Page.The very experienced amber latex trunks don't even pretend to hide my red karate jock.  Don't they make a neat combination?
      Oops!   Bet you thought I'd finally plumbed the depths of that amber barrel!   Not only is there this one great shot left, but if you click that link, you'll find a slide show of a baker's dozen related poses.  Go ahead I dare you!  (I should warn dial-up users that it may take a few seconds to load.) Thoughtful Amberman is a commercial site offering masculine, rubber images which must be seen to be enjoyed!!  Membership is by submitting of materials (photos or stories) or for a fee.   You'll find some of my wilder stuff there!
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