Leather Oaks Christmas 2017

Gardener Poseidon at Leather Oaks!

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This Page created on February Twenty-fifth, 2018
Now just be NICE! It started out tamely enough. A simple pose on an old park bench.

Oh, that's right, the park bench isn't featured until this linked photo.

It didn't take too long to find Poseidon. oseidon at first sight
Poseidon and Harold The feller appears a trifle unhappy about something.

Surely it couldn't be related to my attire, the provocatively labeled "Granby Fetish Suit."

Moving closer to the big man-god of the sea.

"You're looking rather dry, my friend. Is there something we can do?"

Still dry Poseidon
Rain-drenched Poseidon A sudden autumn shower drenched our man-god of the sea!

And there he was in his simply sinful best emulation of polished black rubber!

"Oh, Gee, for me?" It was such a delight for the man-god to trust me with his beloved shell. Of course, he really just wanted me to dump the old leaves out of it.

If you're more than a trifle lost, the link will take you back to the 2016/2017 Christmas page.

Holding the Shell