Leather Oaks Christmas 2017

Water-themed Holiday at Leather Oaks!

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The 2017 Waterfront Photos

On the Beautfiful Blue Biloxi With a little bit of filtering, Danin was able to get this wonderful shot of the Biloxi River just before dusk. That industrial "feature" in the left background is the two coal-fired stacks of Plant Jack Watson.

The link is to a bigger version of the same photo. My card used Danin's black and white conversion.

The almost featureless Biloxi River on a drab September evening. Rubber KIlted River Rat
More RIver, less Kilt The almost featureless Biloxi River on a drab September evening, with just a tad of the far shore visible. You can almost see to Gulfport!
The trees are moving in! Will there still be a way for me to escape the muddy suction of the river bottom? The trees are moving in!
Colorful River Dweller The chain harness I'm fingering was made for me at the real "Mister 'S' in San Francisco in 1980.

I was younger then.

The Blue Sessions

Danin really likes his blue filter!

Yes, it's very similar to the previous photo, but then again it was a blue day, in some ways.

Blue River Dweller
Pensively Blue There's something up there, I'm sure of it!
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