Leather Oaks Christmas 2016

Holiday at Leather Oaks!

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This Page created on February Twenty-fifth, 2018
Double Harold You've already seen both of these poses. I had deliberately taken a dozen or so shots with the camera unmoved, hoping to be able to be able to blend one or two.

I'm sure this would have been easier in photo shop, but Paint Shop Pro and a few minutes of patience saved bunches of money for more rubber!

Not many buses pass by on our road, but a man can hope! Taxi!!
Closer Right Maybe getting closer to the camera will help. It appears that the camera was also moved.
On the left hand, it could be said that an outstretched arm would provide some interest. On the Left Hand
Another Centrist Pose The Centrist Beard Puller could be the name of this photo.

It's helpful to know that my beard is still there.

Finally, another right-handed photo!

I should be just about out of hands by now.

On the Right Hand

The 2016 Triple Rubberman Photo

Three Rubbermen at Leather Oaks These three poses involved the least overlap. Even though the camera location was the same for all three shots, other settings were on "Automatic."

The Profile Design Blitz is the only modern wetsuit I own a pair of. The other one is more "versatile" than this, so watch out world! Twenty eighteen may be a rubber Blitz of a year.