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This Page created on December 30th, 2013

The 2013 Leather Card

Finally, a true “Twenty-teen”! I've not had a whole lot of energy or creative ideas for leather cards this year, a fact partially explained by the text which accompanied this photo. (See that text at right, and the photo at far right.)
The front of the card included in very big print,
This has been an interesting year at Leather Oaks! A health scare last winter had me in and out of the hospital for parts of three months. By the time I was beginning to regain my strength, it was mostly too hot to do much out of doors, so the Rubber and Rawhide Railway reallly suffered, with ‘traffic’ shuddering almost to a standstill.

This November, we finally got the trains running again, and held an Autumn “Open Garden”. My friend Tracy caught me resting on (or in?) a stone hand.

I hope your year was everything you expected, and that next year will offer even more pleasures!
Harold in the clutches of a stone hand!

The 2013 Rubber Card

Rubbersuited Harold visits Discobolos I've been focusing a lot more on exercise since my operation. I lost a tremendous amount of energy and weight, but have built up to 26 miles of weekly walking. Now that we're getting almost wintry weather, that has meant walking four miles in a full wetsuit, sometimes even over a thermal suit. These two photos were from a good-sized set I made immediately after such a morning walk. Here's a hint: I wasn't wearing the neoprene hood and gasmask. That thing's too warm!
The photo on the reverse included the appropriate note, “David, Discobolos and Harold wish you the most rubber-encased of Holidays, may your next year bounce even higher!”
David and a Rubbery Harold
Getting familiar with David It's been interesting sharing a garden with someone actually featured in the Bible. David has been more understanding than you might think. He even let me take these last two poses. Perhaps it was unwise to get too familiar with a man who has just slain a giant. Is that why I'm at his feet in the photo at right? Harold virtually at David's feet!

Rubber-lined waders: Necessary attire around Poseidon? “In the the bleak mid-winter” I sometimes get my warmest rubber ideas. This time, Poseidon is sharing the rubber stage with my rubber-lined wadersuit. Discerning viewers will note that it's that same Blue Seventy wetsuit I wore on the Official Rubber Card being employed under the waders. Warmth, you know.
Why am I biting my tongue in the second photo? Well how else does one get any attention around here?
Harold and Poseidon

Let's go floatswimming! Speaking of hot rubber, as we were you know. It's hard to conceive any thing much warmer -- and more snugly fitting -- than four layered wetsuits. The waders and dive fins were just to add a trifle more improbability to the gear mix. Yes, I did “swim” in this outfit, although it was more of a Rubberman Float!
The photo to the right gives just a hint of the underlayering involved in this exercise. It's difficult maintaining an impressive bulge when adding on upwards of an inch of neoprene rubber. Addional implements include JockUps (of course, since I make them!) and knee guards from leather racing suits, enhanced by other “Proprietary” techniques.
Those Neoprene layers can really add up!

The “Shoulda-been” 2013 Leather Card?

Convention? CONVENTION?? Surely you jest!

JTS Leathers -- How can you say Heavy?      Late in 2012, I found this old set of racing leathers in England. Someone had started a really dreadful job of re-dyeing the suit and then (thank goodness) stopped. When I removed most of the extra dye, and replaced the main zipper, the JTS suit began to show some really great character. The yellowish inset panels of protective(?) material give it a sort of space suit feel. The weather was cool enough to pull the suit on over a comfortably fitting wetsuit.
You see? I told you there was a wetsuit under the leather. The old AXO motocross boots just seemed to belong! There's so much that's remarkable about this suit, I'm sure you'll be seeing lots more of it
Wetsuits are my favorite gear under riding suits!

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