A Stomp of Boots

Bedding down on the WaderWeb

This page was last updated on: October 21, 2001
What's to be the name of a King-size, leather-sheeted waterbed that has been Upholstered (Equipped? Filled? Adorned? (too artsy -- scratch that one!)) with Twelve (12) pair of greatly assorted waders? For almost 20 years, I've been wanting to try this - sleeping not only in boots, but on boots and surrounded by boots! Waders to the Left of Us!
Waders to the Right of Us! That was the question I put to the Rubber Lover's Contact List a while back. There are, you know, a whole family of terms for groups of things. (School of Whales, perhaps also of Rubbermen?) But what about names for things that are INCLUDED in a group? There were about ten replies. This page reports the results, and presents about the same number of views of my WaderBed in appropriate use. Enjoy!!
What answers I got! Miraculously, all of them are printable, but some take more understanding than others. One guy, SkinPhil by name, sent in four suggestions. How about a "Bootal" of Boots, he asked? Well, how about it, Phil? I've heard of fractals, and remember poundal from college physics. Let's just move on
   That little guy at my right? The one with no head under his helmet? That's Jason, a Rubbernaught.. I think he started out life as a Youth-sized Ski-Warm wetsuit, back when that company produced very sexy looking smoothskin suits. Of course, now, Jason has full-time employment as my "right hand" Rubberbed partner!!
Whom have I fallen in with here?
Court of the Rubber Lord Two suggestions made a religion of rubber!! I mean, can you imagine? Here's what Rob said:
How about the "Altar of the Rubber Boot". Then you can invite guys to come worship at the Altar. Just a thought. :)
Rob, my friend, bless you!

     In the forefront of this photo are two pair of chesters. This link takes you to more pictures of them.
Two guys suggested parts of boots as being a collective for boots.
And Skinphil (remember him) thought I had a Sole of Rubber!
I just love it when men say something that flattering about me!
Looking Angelic in Rubber
A Wader Tale Tangled in Latex John RubberPumper came up with two great ideas! (But then we note that inventiveness is most likely a RubberPumper familly trait <G>).
His second choice was a Web of Waders. "Oh, what a tangled WaderWeb we Weave!!"
The waders I'm wearing? The heaviest SealDri latex "chesters"
Skinphil closed his note with, "Mine are just ecstasy so my bed of boots would be my Ecstasy of Boots." How do you Gaze Ecstatically?
Beds, Boots and Bewhere? Gary (not your average tethered, leathered librarian) offered:
"Bed, Boots, and Beyond" would be my suggestion! (Hoping that the similary named retail chain does not object)
Speaking again of boots, Mine are Le Chameau leather-lined Wellingtons. (You know I never stray far from my leather roots!)
Our other literally inclined reply was from Rubber Frog. He asked, "A shafting of boots? The leg of a boot is called the shaft!
Well, how about an Arming of Boots, talk about something up my sleeve! This is a Gates Forester 3000. I'm told that the UK "rates" them for chainsaw resistance, but I've not checked out that capability!
Orange Sleeved Rubberman!
Making Rubble of Waders?!? Oops, I just found that other entry from SkinPhil.   He says he wants to make a Rubble of Waders
Now, SP, isn't that a little extreme?  Can't we do something less violent, like tread grapes, or kneed rubber?   Besides, it give me chance to model another rubberjock. The Boots are IronAge.
That Winning Entry from John RubberPumper?  You've waited very patiently, so hear it is: Stomp of Boots Here's John's reply when informed he had won:
"That bed of waders sure looks inviting.  Just holding myself back from jumping on it. As you say, with some layers of neoprene you will be able to enjoy the stomp for much longer. Oh for a long stomp -- nothing like it eh!!!"
Stompin' Those Waders Down!!
One final entry came from Craig M. He said, "Sounds to me like it should just be called Heaven!"
Craig, I think that just about says it all!  Sweet Rubber Dreams, from my Wader Heaven
Wadermanly Dreams
If you haven't already discovered, there are more wader photos!!  Here's a link to the top of the Wader Two Page.   Enjoy!! Waders Leave the Bedroom!
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