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Everyone has one, it seems, and I wouldn't want you to feel shortchanged!!

2/25/2018     The 2018 Holiday Card is already up, can you believe it? Danin came over again, and he got some closeups and some broader views. There is one of each featured on the single card sent this year. Of course, there are some VERY interesting Web-only poses too. The 2018 Holiday Card.

2/25/2018     The 2016 card was devoted exclusively to my new Leather Oaks sign, and somehow I never got them online. Last September, my good friend and professional photographer Danin again came over. This time our session had a distinctly aquatic feel. As there was only one card produced for both years, The 2016 and 2017 Holiday Cards share a page.

2/22/2018     Three years of Christmas Cards finally get their place on Leather Oaks, the Web Site! I actually had posted the 2015 photos over a year ago, but forgot to post an entry in the Updates: Christmas 2015. Other than the Leather Card, my friend Danin provided the camera magic for most of these cards.

11/13/2014     My good friend and professional photographer Danin has made several visits to Leather Oaks. A few years ago, he finally got to see the Rubber & Rawhide Railway. Somehow, he didn't pay much attention to the trains. Seems there was this harnessed rubberman cavorting around the place. In the first new entries to the Harnessed Drawer in a Decade, you get to see the results!

12/30/2013    The Christmas Section has been brought up to date! There were only six cards in the three years being added, but I've found about four times that many to flesh out the experience. I really like the first “Twenty-Teen” page for this year, 2013!

01/16/2013    The Hot Garden has been updated, completing pages that I thought I had done two years ago! Seems that while I had selected most of the photos, I didn't build all the pages. There's eleven new sections, totaling around 200 photos! You really ought to check out the Earthy Rubber Page, for sure!

01/01/2011    The Media Page has been updated, featuring Leather Harold's own "channel" on YouTube. If you'd rather just cut to the chase, the tumultuous Thunderboots video is ready to reprogram your concept of the limits of climatic events.

12/20/2010    The Alin Steglinski Story Alin's Site   A while back, I received an interesting request from a young man, asking me where I get the belts I use on some of my wildest pseudo-bondage photos. The ensuing dialogue has blossomed into a rewarding friendship. We're collaborating on a special rubber bondage page that focuses on the more therapeutic side of bondage, but until then, please visit his site to find out more about this most interesting guy and how bondage helps him live a better, more relaxed life!

12/19/2010    The Christmas 2010 photos are up and ready! Leather Oaks Christmas Section, 2010   Wow, it's even before Christmas!  Once again, there are a few "Web Only" poses! !

01/11/2010    The Christmas 2009 photos are up and ready! Leather Oaks Christmas Section, 2009   I know they're late, but it is still in Epiphany!  Once again, there are a few "Web Only" poses! !

4/21/2009     See the Spring Tour from a Railway Coach! The Rubber and Rawhide Railroad visits most all the better Garden Sites at Leather Oaks. Here's that link: 2009 Railway Azalea Trail.

3/21/2009     New content on the Garden Page. Guess there has been some progress the last two years, after all! Here's that link: 2008 and 2009 Garden Photos.

2/14/2009     A Valentine Card from Amy to Brian, but anyone can enjoy it! Here's that link: Valentine's Card.

12/29/2008     The old "Home Page" and "Main Page", bless their cluttered, little hearts, are Pixellated History! You've no doubt already found entering Leather Oaks is a whole lot less bewildering. Separate pages have been created for Navigation, MediaFiles, Policy, just to name a few, so hopefully we can keep things simpler.

12/23/2008     All of the pages are now complete in the The Posted Katrina Section! These include a thick, snug-fitting drysuit that O'Neill called their O'ASIS ! Then my old Ironman wetsuit gets a visit to the recovering Leather Oaks Pond. And most disgusting of all, two jockstraps are all I wear while getting down in the red earth!

12/20/2008     The Rubber and Rawhide Railroad, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leather Oaks, the Rural Location, now has their own page hosted by our site! At this time, the staff is concentrating on uploading the several dozen Press Releases they've issued since last February. More interesting content will follow, we're assured!

12/20/2008     The Posted Katrina Section, our collection of humorously sensual pages deriving from the Post Katrina period (get it?) continues to grow! Just added are a remarkable 37 photos of Harold's experimentation with February Mud, his excuses for not skiing and a remarkable excursion into rootball spelunking, just to name a few! Don't miss the Earthy Butterfly, or the Dirt Burial, either!

12/18/2008    The Christmas 2008 photos are up and ready! Leather Oaks Christmas Section, 2008   Hi-Res Alert! !   Almost full-size versions of the photos are available.  And, there once again are "Web Only" poses! !

02/21/2008     Hot Garden is being revitalized and greatly expanded! Ten pages are already available for your sensual edifiction, with three or four times that number to follow. We should warn you, there is considerable garden content behind the frolicking rubberman and layered leatherman.

02/07/2008    The staid and stale Garden Section has been upgraded! Stroll through thirty-five years, endure three major hurricanes, thrill to burbles of ponds, chuckle with wisecracking statuary and more. Not your style, and you KNOW what you want? Hot Garden may stoke more than your botanical interests and perhaps fulfill needs you haven't realized formerly!

12/03/2007    The Christmas 2007 photos are up and ready, on their very own two pages! Leather and Pleather Cards, 2007 and Rubber Card, 2007will take you there.   Hi-Res Alert! !   Almost full-size versions of the photos are available.  And, there once again are "Web Only" poses! !

11/12/2007    A new page devoted to the warmly wonderful colors of Leather Oaks, the Residence! Leather Oaks goes Warm and Melony

12/25/2006    The Christmas 2006 photos are up and ready! Leather Oaks Christmas Section, 2006   Hi-Res Alert! !   Almost full-size versions of the photos are available.  And, there once again are "Web Only" poses! !

02/18/2006    Remember the Rubber Monkey?  The fella's had a face lift, and it's done him no end of good.   There's even two or three new photos of him hanging out with his old pal Neptune!

02/18/2006    A new Leather Jockstrap story, but it's hidden under Padded Leather!   If you can't stand searching, here's the link, Butterscotch Leatherman Bulge. . . . Enjoy!

01/20/2006    The Monster upgrade of the Rubber Themes Department is all done!   The Dry Suits and Working Rubber Pages were almost tied in completion tardiness!! For those who might miss him, here's a special link to my temporarily sidelined Muybridge Jumper!

01/07/2006    The Monster upgrade of the Rubber Themes Department is ninety percent complete!   Forty-nine of an estimated 56 pages are now up and running, which means my jumper is not nearly as busy as he was!

12/30/2005    The big update of the Rubber Themes Section is under way!   So far, around ten of an estimated fifty pages have been posted.   More will happen as eyesight allows!

12/29/2005    Added JockUps Site link to the Index Page:   It was just too hard for folks (and me) to find it!  Note that this link opens in a new browser window.

12/10/2005    The Christmas 2005 photos are up and ready! Leather Oaks Christmas Section, 2005   Hi-Res Alert! !   Almost full-size versions of the photos are available.  And, there once again are "Web Only" poses, even post-Katrina !

5/15/2005    Fixed several linking problems; archived the packed, current Guest Book into GuestBook Four!  It's incredible ! !   I'm getting requests to enter this page now!!

1/11/2005    The Great Wadery World update has been posted!  An incredible number of very rubbery and wadered photos on 24 big pages, with only a very small amount of leather showing anywhere!!

12/19/2004    The 2003 (yes ! !) and 2004 photo greeting cards have at long last been posted!   For those patient enough to wait, there are two extra poses in bondage that NO one else has seen!   Be first in your domain, wherever it might be ! !   Here's the link to the Leather Oaks Christmas Section.

12/18/2004    The Leathers Section has been restored after many years of absence!!  More than 160 photos on 18 pages, with most of my riding leather alternatives more fully investigated than you'd probably rather have seen!   Laced, Padded, Earthy, One-piece and many more.

7/15/2004    The Night Garden Page has been added at the beginning of the expanded Garden section!  

7/05/2003    The Rubber Themes Page has been updated with a new "Litter Patrol" image.!   Furthermore, a link there now provides access to four more Litter Patrol photos, with really phenomenal latex and jockstrap bulges, ensconced on the top of the Working Rubber Page.

7/03/2003    The Bulge Tutorial Page has been reworked, to include five more linked pages.  Since some may find these too racy, I request that you look for them by visiting the Bulge Building Applications Page!   Repeat visitors to may recognize some of the images, since the first three pages feature jockstrap photos I first shared with that site.  The last two pages are all new material, and very laminar, in a way!  Forty-eight new and reclaimed photos were added on these pages.

6/17/2003    The Garden Page now has a companion Sweaty Garden Section!   Those who found the former too BORING (you know who you are <G>) will rejoice, while the bulgeophobic detractors will have to search for the Green Rubber Door!!   Twenty-four new photos were created expressly for these pages.

1/11/2003    Four new pages have been linked from the refurbished Rubber Themes Section!   Impatient folk may go directly to the Military Green,  Amber "Transparent" Latex or Lusty (Colorful) Latex Pages.   Diligent websurfers will have a bonus page as their reward.   Thirty-seven new rubbery photos added in this batch.

12/31/2002    The Tower Power Section has at long last been activated!   Now we have more "room" to play in, along with 35 new photos!!

12/30/2002    The 2002 photos cards have finally and belatedly been added to the LeatherOaks Christmas Section!

12/26/2002    The long-awaited Harnessed Enthusiasms Section is re-posted, featuring 31 restored and new photos on three pages of Harold's particular take on Harness and its masculine accoutrements.

7/07/2002    The Motorcycled Section is re-posted, featuring 43 restored, new, and shockingly fresh photos on four pages of Motorcycles, a certain Blue Trike, and an incredible array of sometimes appropriate attire.

6/22/2002    The ManClingy Section added, featuring 35 new photos on four pages of Mud, Latex, Lycra, Waders and Yours Truly.

5/27/2002    Added a link on Bulge Building Tutorial, to the JockUps History and Future sub site, which is now up and running.

11/22/2001    Added the Christmas Card page, adding another 29 images.

11/22/2001    Added the Ironman and WaffledTrunks pages!   Total image count over 265!

11/20/2001    Added another Oak to Bent Tree.  Restored the RubberClad and Nudeoprene pages!   Total image count over 240!

11/19/2001    Restored the Why Leather Oaks?, Bent Tree and Rubber Monkey pages!  New images discovered.  Resurrected the Homestead site/s Guest Book! You said that??   A "validated" (I counted the file names) 194 photos; Total image count over 220!

11/12/2001    Added the WorkingOrange page!  Color shock grows apace!!

11/11/2001    Added the LeatherJock, BulgeBuilder and Builder Two pages, all with added or mostly new material.

11/02/2001    Added the Masculine Mounding and Bikini Bulge Pages, both with new and refurbished photos.

11/01/2001    Fixed several defective links that were preventing people from getting around properly.

10/29/2001    Added fourRubber Monster photos to the Wader Two page.  

10/26/2001    Added the Wader Two page.   Image count over six dozen, almost all never shown before.

10/26/2001    Added Rubber Theme and Working Rubber Pages.   Image count in mid-fifties

10/25/2001    Main, Gardens, and WaderBed pages up on new site!! Total image count about three dozen, with hundreds more in the wings!!

9/28/2001    Added a guided Pond Tour to the Garden Page. And you thought there was no class to this act?!

9/14/2001    Repaired Motorcycle Page, to assure faster load.

9/08/2001    Reformatted Main, Trike and Harness pages for faster loading, added new images to the latter.

4/29/2001    Addded link on Garden Page to Gulf Coast Pond Society.

4/01/2001    No Foolin'! Four new photos on the Garden page, of my awakening from slumber Pond. The Rubbber wearing frogs will be out any day now! Speaking of which, the green monkey's cousin, a very wet frog, has been spotted on his own page recently!

2/03/2001    Reformatted Mounding and Leather pages for faster loading.

2/02/2001    Removed "Trademark-infringeing content" from the Drysuit page.

1/27/2001    All pages active with over 150 photos!! Changes made on Leather, Why ... Oaks, and Harness pages. Links to favorite sites added. Activated four Rubber pages, and a couple of other bonus pages.

1/23/2001    Made changes on Masculine Mounding and Bikini Bulges pages. Added several links!! Total image count now well over 80.

1/22/2001    Added link statement on Index page. Finished {Leather} Jockstrap and BulgeBuilder pages.

1/20/2001    Completed the "Motorcycling through Life" and companion "Triking Pleasures" pages. Image count about 60, with more coming soon!!

1/19/2001    Completed the Bikini Bulges Page. Image count over 40!

1/18/2001    Finished the Masculine Mounding Page, one of my favorite topics! Probably around 30 images now.

1/15/2001    Added two more images to the Leathers Page, other minor corrections. People are so picky! <G>.

1/12/2001    "Harnessed Enthusiasms" completed and linked. First hidden page made and linked. Together, they add 10 images, pushing the total over 20!

1/11/2001    The "Leathers" page is populated with photos and text. Twelve images and growing!

1/09/2001    "Why Leather Oaks" page finished, other minor corrections. Seven images, many more to come!

1/06/2001    A "plan" is developed with a Main menu page, interesting backgrounds and two active menu items. Guest book is added and counter moved. Image count down, temporarily!

12/24/2000     The Leather Oaks website begins, with two pages and 11 images.
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