Triking Pleasures, continued.

Rubber Triking with some Sweat and Snap ! !

This page was last updated on: July 7th, 2002
     It was a blustery, rainy day in December when Bootfrank and I rode out to the POW Camp to begin a rubber walk.   Once our outer leather layers were removed, we soon warmed up walking the trails in snug neoprene.   I believe this photo was post-walk. Green Attitude Triker
Blue-Green Intruder          First, here are a couple more pre-trike photos to annoy (but doubtfully surprise) the purists.
     Here we have what  might be termed, Rubber Biker Lite  -- While the tee shirt is latex, and the gloves good, masculine neoprene, the jeans are polyurethane-coated nylon!    I bet the boots were padded top Combat boots.
         Ah, one of my favoritist outfits, the foam neoprene tanktop and briefs made by Jerry ("RV_FlyBoy").  The Sam Browne belt I picked up at an antique shop which didn't know what they had!!  Worn leather saddlebags, just to tide me over to "Conversion Day".
      Wetsuit?  You say there's a blue wetsuit in the picture?  Do tell ! !
Nudeoprene Intruder
Ed during Trike Assembly/TD>      Ed, a friend and office associate, was one of those who were with me for my first ride in 1983.    It was fitting that he should help with my trike project.   I tricked him into this photo by asking him to help pose the next picture for me.    We had just placed the painted body on the skeletal trike.
    Another construction view, with my much-enjoyed neoprene tanktop and innertube cap sort of appropriate for trike mechanicing.   That blue platform at my left hand is where the capacious passenger seat will be mounted; the rider's saddle fits over the relocated battery compartment (the raised black metal plate in the foreground). Peering Triker
<Shorty and Rubbajock Triker1      One of my all-time favourite rubber outfits, on a great posing platform.  The shorty Nudeoprene wetsuit and ditto elbow pads are aptly, enjoyably complemented by the rugged Ranger Firemasters.
Yawning Rubber Triker       Two more views of the same outfit.   Am I yawning in the first photo?   Surely not from boredom ! !
      The photo at right is one of my favorites of a favorite suit.    Nicely shined up, ready to enjoy a good sweat or a cool dip.  Add a leather riding suit, and I'd ride cross country geared up like this.    Yeah ! !   
The gloves are lightweight (as in low voltage) Linesman's gauntlets.
Confident Rubbajock Triker
Wetsuit Blue Triker       Remember that wetsuit we saw on the pre-trike Intruder?  Well, it appears to have surfaced, albeit somewhat fuzzily.  I bet that's a French police helmet.  The suit O'Neill intended for windsurfers, but it has seen limited highway use, too <G> !
     The poses here and below are two Bulge Bonuses.  The first features molded latex shorts and tanktop over a couple of JockUps.  (most times, this rubberman must mound!)  The knee pads are cut from damaged neoprene wetsuit pants.  I'm sure you'll recognize the boots ! Basketted Triker
Green Rubber Triker       Here's that infamous green rubber triker again.  A little less attitude, but a clearer view.  The Tom Brief he's wearing is made from innertube rubber, and conceals a Bike soft cup, and together contain comfortably but not insignificantly.
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