Triking Pleasures

Leather Gear Stressed Three Ways!

This page was last updated on: July 6th, 2002
     I was a little disingenuous on the previous page:  I ordered the Trike kit from Lehman's of Canada almost simultaneously with picking up the Intruder.  Here the trike and I are displaying our skeletons.
     With a couple of minor exceptions, I did the whole conversion myself; if not the first, then the most extensive mechanicing I had ever done!
Skeletal Triker
Harnessed Triker          Well, I'm sure it's a relief to some that my trike and I have gotten some clothes on!   It may not come aas a surprise to others amongst you that I am still showing harness, though.    I mean, look what Ben Hur got to wear riding his chariot!   As I've said before, I'm into a lot of different feels and effects in my gear!
         At least, you might be saying, I took my harness off the street!  Same suit as before, one I've termed a leather Leisure Suit,enhanced with a suspension harness from Max Cita, and a very comfortable lifting belt that used to belong to Byron.   (He engraved his name in ballpoint ink on the broad back on the belt!)  The boots are from Olathe of Kansas. Trimmed Garaged Triker
Traditional Triker      Eventually, my trike was finished.,  I knew it was a success when the Harley riders started acting friendly, and wanting to chat me up.  It's a great way to meet those folk if that is your goal ! !  Of course, some of them cool off noticeably when they discover the Suzuki label . . . .
     So, here's my take on "traditional" leather biker gear.  The quilted racing pants look authentic enough, but they're pretty short.  My tallest WESCO Linesman boots seemed like a good solution to that problem.  The western riding shirt is worn over a sleeveless T, both, need I say, of pure black leather!!  You've already seen Mr. Browne's belt.
Grey Thoughtful Triker

The Leather Oaks Quiz

   Which of these two poses do You prefer:
A) Thoughtful Grey Triker or
B) Searching Grey Triker
C) Both of the above ?
    Entrants with any answer are encouraged to express their reply in an appropriate manner!
     For those who might be interested, most of the garments in these photos were of my design. The pants started out life as two-sizes too snug jeans that I found at a used leathers store in Houston. The legs fit me wonderfully snugly, but I knew I'd never be able to close the zipper!  A costumer friend in St Louis sent me instructions for building in a bigger basket to jeans.   I think they came out pretty neatly, and it's great to show bulge without risking seam splits <G>!    The tanktop I made a couple of decades ago from what Tandy Leather called "Elephant on Cow", leather embossed and colored to appear like elephant hide.
Searching Grey Triker
Standing Traditional Triker       Why am I looking so pensive in this photo?  Perhaps because I felt that I'd have so few good trike photos to share with you?   Well, cheer up, Sport, I've found another whole page of them!
          This is another pose of my Traditional Triker outfit:    I'll do anything to work in another good basket shot <G> !
      What better excuse do I need for this photo but the great view it gives of my 18" WESCO Linesman boots?   Amongst lace-up leather boots, these are my favorites.
      Doesn't it show off the diamond quilting pattern on the knees of my GP Racing Pants?
Seated Traditional Triker
Traditiona lTriker Kneeling       Sometimes even leather can bring a man to his knees!     Well, actually, it was the best way to accent the "target" hip padding design.       Honest, this is the LAST pose of my Traditional Triker outfit <G>!
     In this Trike photo -- Whassat, there's not a trike??    Guess Santa's bringing it then.
     Oh I remember, this is the famous red/green double layer rubber interchange.    The outer layer is a fairly commonplace two-piece set of racing leathers, that could be charitably likened to a Santa suit, if Santa decides that three wheels are preferable to 32 reindeer hooves.   Hopefully, his headgear will be a little more sensible than my French firefighter's helmet.   But note that green caste around my collar.   I don't think it's moss, so maybe it's -- -- NEOPRENE ! !   From this point forward, the trike photos take on a decidedly rubbery look and feel!
Harold's Santa in Transition