Transparently Rubber

with More or Less Clarity and a Mite of Tan

This page was last updated on: November 17th, 2007

Note from Harold

This is a restored copy of the much searched for "Transparent Rubber" Page. Many still search for it, and why should I prevent that! I have made a couple of small changes.
    Remember Mandy?  Not the song, but the amber latex "birthday suit" I sported on the previous page?   Well, he's suffered greatly from years of enjoyment, and in fact, disentegrated shortly after this photo was made!  Fortunately, the camera was there to all but capture the rubber-rending moment.
Mandy in Distress
Over the Shoulder in Mandy       From the back, you could hardly tell anything was wrong.  The very wide lifting belt looks great when it's soaking wet, though, doesn't it?   The cap has nothing to do with the long distance carrier of the same name, but in fact came from Kmart!
     Wow, that happened fast!  Mandy does make a rather fetching shoulder wrap, does he not?? 
     Those bermuda length trunks are called a latex "girdle" by the suppliers.   Yes, there are still about three layers under them -- Patience, my friend!!
Mandy Shoulder Scarf
Olympia Cup under Amber Trunks       Let me see, how did that statement go?  The one about the less you wear, the more important . . ?
      Must have been "protection" as afforded by the Olympia Supporter Cup!!
      From the Strange Creation department comes an idea so wild, I can't believe I didn't think of it first!  The pouch area of these shorts is two layers deep, and would you believe that there is a small hole in the rear panel?  But not too small for one's male jewels to be arranged therein.  Strangely enough, this latex when wet becomes milky in color, so they are actually less transparent than when dry.
     Don't believe me?   Well just follow the link through the photo at right, but remember, you were forewarned!!
Double Layer Shorts when dry!
Amber Latex Bikini       Let me make this very, very brief.  This is about as little as my innate modesty will let me wear before even a friendly but enquiring public!
      Sorry, no linked photo this time -- if I did, you might find out that this is really an amber latex jockstrap!!
      A good friend traded me this extremely snug amber latex mask.  Trying to take picures alone of this thing was most vexing.   Sweat was stinging my eyes, I could hardly breathe, but one does what one must!!
     I dropped my waders to get a little more air, and look what I found?  Those amber latex trunks will sure take some stretching, won't they?   I was reminded of some famous image (was it by Tom of Finland) of a pineapple being used for stimulating purposes, perhaps?
Amber Masked Pineapple Bulgerman
Sanitized Basket Gropingly Revealed!       Remember when we first met the damaged Mandy, he was covering but revealing a rather prosaic black latex leotard?   Well this time, my favorite amber latex bermudas are covering/revealing something more graphic!  Looks like I'm also enjoying the same wide lifting belt, albeit in a somewhat dryer Condition.
      Well, guess what?? Seems that wasn't a tanktop at all, but an anatomically comfortable male leisure suit.  It was hard not blushing when making this photo, but I got through it somehow!!  Hope you likewise survive it.
     Here's a turning point picture, featuring as it does my leather Rebel Kappe, a pewter latex shirt, and under my amber latex trunks, do I detect a Hockey Jock?   I bet that jock is about to experinece a change in its dampness state.  If you feel ready to explore that possibility, the linked photo will take you to the Bulged Moisture page in my Masculine Mounding section. HardCup Jocks under Latex??
Tan-Bulged Rubbermen in Profile      It appears that we may have about reached the end of Amber Lane, and moved into Tan Road.  Same company made these trunks as their look-alikes in amber latex, and I wish I could get more!!!  The sleeveless shirt was a longtime favorite until it finally decayed. 
Profile views are always so neat, don't you find?  Mil green gasmask, black neoprene gloves and almost white Shrimpers' Boots bring this page to a close.
    There's whole lot more to Leather Oaks than this one page, miraculously tittilating as some might find it! I challenge to click on, to either the Main Page, or if more rubber indulgence is what you desire, then the center link will throw you in the middle of the whole rubber heap! And just to show I'm a good sport, here's a third alternative, click my jock, and trust me!
Decisions! Decisions !
Tan Bulged Rubberman
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