Tower Room

From Boyhood Dreams to Masculine Fantasies Realized!

This page was last updated on: December 31st, 2002
    Towers and Tower Rooms have long been objects of intense interest to me.  Maybe it started with those great English novels set in castles fast, or memories of Fort Apache episodes, and certainly Craggy Tops in Enid Blyton's Island of Adventure would have to figure in the mix, too!   Growing up in several Deep South cities, I transfered my interest to bay windowed Victorians, some of which, delight of delights, had rounded corner rooms with a tower above!  The big unanswered question became, though, how to add a Tower Room to a housing style that so far as I know, had never had one before? Before the Tower
After the Tower      I considered many things: A stockade look, the room on stilts between the house and garage:  An ersatz stone tower, with a grain silo pasted over with thin rocks.  Reality (and a good friend who drew up my dream room for me) set in to dictate a more sensible approach that blends with the existing house and garage that didn't involve cutting any trees.   The link on the photo at left will take you to a construction page, showing the process of moving between these two photos!

      Why don't we start up the staircase and I'll show you around?

Rubberman Climbing

      Well, Excuse me, we seem to have some sort of sentry on duty.   Do I know you, Sir??
     Oh, guess I didn't even recognise myself for a moment there!   I'm sure you went right for the link though, didn't you?!

Grey Mystery Man
Erotic Art Beginnings       Before we go on up, here's an early view of my erotic art gallery.   Over the years, there've quiite a few works that I really admired, but had left in the drawers of my map chest.   I bid on two or three other pieces that seemed to speak to me, through the auspices of the Tom of Finland Foundation.   You'll be spared (or deprived, as you prefer) of any closeups of explicit images, but they really do add to the character of the room!  The one work already hung in this photo is called, appropriately enough, Stairway.

      It appears we don't have all of the furniture in yet, and Grandfather is still waiting for his works to be returned.   It's a good view of the southwest corner of the room.   Yes, that's a small suspension bar in the background.  (The large one is in the trunk, along with some of my suspension-grade leathers!)

Old Trunk before Repairs

     Maybe we'll get to see it in use, later<G>!   The jeans lining in the trunk top were "found" shorts while doing my litter patrol one morning.   The leather lining the trunk sides and floor was reclaimed from old pillows.

Grandfather and mini-knight
Leather Sling and Chain Basket

      You were probably wanting to ask, "What's that chain in the foreground?" while viewing the last picture.   As you might have guessed, it just happened to be one of the four supports to my new leather sling.   Since someone had suggested that perhaps I should be in chains too, how about basket jewelry, so to speak?

Chain defined Rubberman's Basket

      I discovered this creation in a parcel of miscellaneous gear I inherited from an old friend.   Have no idea how he intended for it to be used.

      Here's another of my new art works.  It's called "Training Begins", by Joe T.  I'm sure the training that he expected to start is worlds different from what I envision, but I imagine the level of enjoyment is similar. Training Begins
This way to Balcony and Neoprene Superfront views       This is the northwest corner of the room, and there's not a whole lot here but a most interesting chair. The photo will link you to a whole page of Harold, In, On, Over, and Beside my Chair in Hand! !   Just step this way to the balcony . . . . 
Camoflaged but real rubber boots are Burly from LaCrosse.
      Let me see, there's supposed to be something else in this room, something about jumping, was it?   Oh, the Bongee Sling!   I wasn't sure if this thing was for me, since all of the in-use photos seemed to require a naked female, a commodity with which I'm completely and happily unacquainted!   It seemed to me that it should be good solo fun, too.   I think the photos make a strong statement in favor of that conclusion! Where are the Instructions ??
Vulnerable Flyer       I still have to read the instructions, but once "installed" in the Bongee Sling, you can give yourself quite a ride!!  The Bongee sling is really about half a dozen padded sections.   Since they're all individually adjustable (just raise up and readjust your weight if it doesn't feel right), you can get yourself into some very compromising AND very comfortable situations <G>!
      Somehow, I don't believe we've had any in-use photos of my sling yet!  It's certainly not from disuse, I assure you.  I've even been known to climb in with a book for some quality reading time. Here's the best I can do photo-wise, so far.  
      That's a DeRoy Bondage vest I'm wearing over the RedMan "Macho Martial Arts" Protective Jockstrap. The link is to another view of the same outfit.
      In the background, you can just make out my other two original artworks. To the left of the corner cabinet is another Joe T drawing. To the right is a very earthy leatherman drawn by the inimitable Olaf.
Self Slung Leatherman
Sling Standee ? ?       Well, I'm not exactly standing, but it is an unconventional pose.   Sling Situps, perhaps?  Who Knows ! !
     The linked photo is a Bondage Vest bonus.   You'll be seeing a lot more of it, I'm guessing, probably with my new chastity shorts.   But, this concludes the Tower Room Tour for now.!