Tower Balcony

Rubberman Harold Fingered and Chaired !

This page was last updated on: December 30th, 2002
    When I first saw this chair at a local "bedding" store, I knew exactly where it was going.   Of course, it happens to be both unique and comfortable, but the erotic possibilities were the real clincher on the deal! Rubberman well in Hand
ChairFingered Rubberman       Surely Harold's not gone hard core?!   I'm just enjoying a comfortable and secure perch, 30 feet above the ground!
     Ah, this is the life, relaxed in a good hand of a chair, taking in Nature's best, with attitude, or is that altitude??   My Superfront Rubber trunks were made for moments like these, and the heavy linesman's belt and IronAge waders add to the pleasurable comfort. Spread-Bulged Rubberman
Over the Shoulder      I like both of these photos about equally.   The first because even without my favorite belt, it's a good butt pose.   The second, because you've "caught me" in a favorite bulge caress! Leg Up Chair Pose
     I sure am glad that my trunks were cut from heavy duty neoprene, or this might have been a hazardous position!   You notice how happy and unconcerned I was though?   Oh, yeah, I guess my right boot doesn't have much to grip against, does it?   I'm sure it was mostly imagination allowing me to hold such a precarious perch as a pose. Fingered Rubberman
Relaxed SpreadBulge       One last Finger-Chaired view before we close the balcony door for now.  I'm sure there will be many more interesting activities with both!
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