Rubber Themes

with Neoprene Variations and Leather Bindings

This page was last updated on: July 5th, 2003
    Almost as long ago as my first leather explorations, I began finding the many ways in which rubber can enrich a man's life.  This page explores what now has become a small village of Rubber Areas:
     There's Neoprene Road, Latex Lane, Slickskin Street, Buffed Nudeoprene Boulevard, Workman's Square, just to name a few.   In fact, almost every photo on this page is an opening into another startling sight!   I hope any lifestyle purists out there are current on their consternation medication.  You might want to consider an extra dose!
      Although almost PIC* to even admit it, I've ridden wearing some pretty strange stuff.  I seem to remember a couple of midright rides through Harrison County, with only the addtion of neoprene gloves and a helmet.  Unsafe things can feel so good!
     Oh, I had a ponytail of silken blonde hair back then<G>!
      *PIC = Politically InCorrect
Catsuit on a Hot Red Shadow
Controlling Litter on Shorecrest Road       Finally, new and explicitly bulgy photos of my Litter Patrol gear.  The tanktop extends to an anatomically correct codsheath (that you DON'T get to see), the shorts are also molded latex, backed by three layers of melon foam genital enhancement devices, while the extended shafts of the hip boot are of sheet latex.  The cap I also made from, you got it, an innertube!  So exuberant am I over this new set of Litter Patrol photos, that you will find four more at the top of the Working Rubber Page!
     Somehow, I've gravitated into this idea that rubber is for work (or at least apparent work) situations.   So, expect hidden links here and on other similar photos in the future!!
      First Rubber on my new trike.  It's so neat when one finds color combinations that work among stuff one already has!  In picking the Intruder color, existing rubber and leather gear were a consideration !!
     The suit in an O'Neill Windsurfer   The "riding belt" is the lower section of an old and much enjoyed "Bondage Harness" from Montgomery Leathers.
Rubber Trike Standee
Fireside Nudeoprene       An earlier, kindler gentler neoprene in an indoor setting.  This was the first exposed (what I call Nudeoprene) finish neoprene I had run across:  I liked it a lot, and have gotten a lot more.
      Earth tones are hard to come by in rubber gear, but you can get tan.  So, am I in my sailor suit or birthday suit?  Mandy is its name, and it works wonders as a sweat-builder under leather riding gear!   Amber latex, which becomes arrestingly translucent under some conditions, can produce some intriguing results as an outer layer!
     The link will take you to ample photo-documentation of those phenomena.
Mandy's Sailor Suit
Rubberized Riot Regulator       Don't you think those old Rubber-Laminated suits are just a Riot?!  The really kinky looking plastic armor is East German surplus riot gear.  The helmet is also German.
      I asked BGummi to modify the suit with a relief opening, which greatly enhanced the range of recreational activities that are practical while wearing it.  The Rubberjock is innertube, although not made by me.
      The military look being popular just now, especially anything in green, it seemed only right to get this "military green" gear from Recoil.557.  And don't all home improvement guys wear military surplus when attacking drywall?  Yes, in point of fact, there was a Rubber-rimmed Bike softcup inside my jockstrap in this photo.   (A little "inside information" !)
      The linked page includes some bonus shots of a lightweight rubber chemsuit I rescued from a surplus store floor!
Olive Drab Rubberpage!!
HRH Pirate Redcap       I'm sure you remember Pirate Redcap, and his many daring escapades on the bounding tree trunk?  Here he is again, in tanktop, gloves and briefs,  his trademark red swimcap covering a receding hairline.  Boots by Bata.
      I can't help it, I love bright rubbers!  The linked page will show you yet more assays into latex gaudiness.
Alas, my Engineering degree is not in Irrigation, but if the duty ever calls, I've got just the gear for it!  I'm wearing neoprene Kayaking shorts over a molded latex bodyshirt.  Yes, the rubber cap is another of my innertube creations!  Boots by IronAge.   (They were somewhere on the WaderBed, too!) Working Rubber!!
SlickSkinned Rubberman in Chains      It's not foamy, but it is neoprene!  The maker calls them Slickskins.  This is their Bondage Tee and Lacefront Scrimmage shorts, with their Deluxe Jockstrap worn outside of the shorts. (Gives a rubberman more basket room, right?)  Firemaster boots by Ranger.
     Here's another SlickSkins outfit.  It's their Red-striped Tanktop and ditto  Jeans.  Slickskins were sold by Dungeon Enterprises, a Dallas-based bondage equipment supplier. They're not as stretchy as foam neoprene, but they can handle much more abuse.  An easy way to pull on the very snug, grabby jeans?  I rub my legs with hair conditioner, diluted 50/50 with water!  Saves a lot of pulled hair<G>!
     Cap by Harold, lifting belt & boots by Kmart.  More pictures on the Nudeoprene page!!

Red-Striped Dungeon Suit
Filtering a little sunlight on the rubber subject here.  One of the most satisfying feelings is stretching one's legs, taking a deep breath, and staying one with the earth.   Having some heavy rubber to press knuckles into just adds to the expansive male experience.   You'll get to see a lot more of these shorts and their design kindred! More Waffles?