Harnessed Enthusiasms

More or Less Concealed, but always Contained!

This page was last updated on: December 25th, 2002
    It's been some two dozen years since I first discovered how much fun harness can be, and that enthusiasm has only grown and deepened.   Since my harness sessions are usually solo, a complete "strapped to the walls" scene is not practical, but I really do like living in my gear, so that's more of an opportunity:   How much stuff can I pile on, and still move around and "get things done"? Follow some of those explorations with me, but please gird your loins, buckle up your biceps and cross your chest with leather first -- I want to make sure I can grab you when I'm ready!!

    Take a simple "leisure suit"  in Leather, add appropriate harness, and you'll feel right at home at the new Leather Oaks ! !  The Western boots are from Olathe, Kansas.  Nostalgia buffs may click on this photo to bring up the remaining former contents of this page.
A Window to an older Harnessed World
Upfront and Ready for a Climb!      Here's a treat:  How's a Leatherman to mix a love of snug-fitting gear, with a desire for big but contained bulges, while embracing hobbling hardware and still get some real work done?
     Well, we could start with my old favorite Fetters "Upfront" locking trunks, worn over a sleeveless western-cut leather shirt. Purists will be delighted (?) to know that the only basket enhancement is natural leather lust -- works everytime I wear these trunks <G>! The boots are some very hunky LaCrosse insulated hunters.  I couldn't see wasting those great long laces, so why not dress them on up above my knees?
      The linked photo takes you to parallel photos, present on most of the photos on this page (trying to keep the load time down, you know), all on what is called "HarnessTwo".   If you'd rather wait, there's a link at the bottom of this page.
      Some thorough visitors to Rubbermen.com may remember seeing this photo about four years ago.  The "harness" is made from rubber O-rings, about 6 feet of them!   The tan latex trunks contrast with all of the other black rubber to keep a manskin/rubberskin sense
     Of course, those boots are my favorite old Ranger Firemasters!
Harnessed Black & Tan Rubber
Rangers and Squarecut Trunks       Flash forward four years  Same boots -- folded down, same harness, and the open trail.   Ever wonder what a five mile hike is like when made wearing full-weight fire boots?   Ask my calves sometime, when they're speaking to me again!  You've probably seen the trunks before, if you've visited my site very often. Yes, there is a knuckled JockUp increasing my bulge awareness.
     About a year ago, I discovered this wonderful material which in its former life was used as camp pads  Swiss militia supposedly would plant one of the pads under their sleeping bag.   To me, it seemed to call out "JockUp", and I had soon made a very dressy jockstrap from the stuff.  It was just before Halloween, and I thought it would be neat to try to make a "frog face" cap out of what I was now calling "melon foam".
       Then another idea came out of the blue.   How about a HARNESS?  Let's try a strip of melon foam, crossed.   Not bad, eh?
Harnessed Melon Rubber
Rubberman Leaning on Fencepost      On to an almost totally unrelated image, except there is rubber and harness in both.  You know those long ruber sleeves that electrical linesmen sometime use along with their rubber gloves?   I happened upon a pair once for the "don't breathe" price of $8.95.  (Usual non-seconds price, around 15 to 20 times that!)
      Thing was, I had no idea how they were supposed to be attached, although they had big grommeted holes at what I guessed would have been shoulder height.   So, innertube rubber, some fender washers and thumbscrews to the rescue, and I made my own "over the head" shoulder harness to hold the gauntlets convincingly.   Used to go on summer MC rides wearing these guys, linesman's gloves, and the modified wetsuit you see here.
     Trying out a sweaty new toy here -- The Squirmsuit from SQUIRMCO.   I guess I could have just pulled the thing on and sat on the couch until I squirmed, but as usual, there were many other interesting projects calling out.   So after breakfasting on the deck, I stepped over to my work in progress, a plasticated replacement for a rotted away wellhouse.   The prospect of how much I still had to do almost overwhelmed me, it would seem! Bound Squirmsuit in a Plastic Frame
Seven Harness Squeeze & Smile People who know me are already aware that I'm not a casual dresser for meals, and this was no exception.  The suit felt so good, I just couldn't seem to get it close enough to me, but what a blast trying!!  I count about seven differnt belts and harness bits here, from neck & shoulder harness, a German Biker's belt, a Power Fulcrum ** belt amplified in effect by two belts encircling my thighs.
      The "well house" now has its rafters up, and I'm awaiting delivery of smoked vinyl corrugated roofing to finish the project.  Should I put some hooks in the girders in case I just want to "hang out" amongst the sprinkler system plumbing??

      **  Of course, "Power Fulcrum" is not exactly the correct rather explicit term for this belt, but I believe this is the effect its original use was intended to provide <G> !   Besides, PianoForte doesn't make any sense.
Floating Hobbler
     This is my "Why I'll never be a threat to Commercial Illustrators" pose.   (There's teensy version of the original below)  --   Getting rid of all of that vegetation and the hot tub cover was enough of a challenge so you needn't expect me to try it again soon!
Hot Tub Hobbler Unfiltered

You've seen all of the individual pieces before, but maybe I never mentioned the great lace-up knee-high rubber "Marsh Boots" from Cabella's?
That's NOT all ! !
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garden poses.
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Suspension Gear Learning Curve      Well, we all have to learn sometime. No one told me it could be this hard to put on some simple suspension harness.  And would you believe it's in my fabled Tower Room?   The linked photo is just a glimpse at my first "solo" flight, suspended only by rope, chain and some very heavy but comfortably padded leather!   Mr S provided both the suspension harness and the "Nasty Pig" pouchfront neoprene shorts.   Boots are "Coon Hunters" from Cabella's.
    If you find my site too  long on color, and too short on  binding substance, you'll probably enjoy a visit to Boston Cuir's lair!
     Not only will you see guys enjoying new heights in leathered, rubbered and harnessed layering, but BC is well know for his hospitality:  The tea parties he throws for his guests are a must!
    Assuming you've not already peeked at them, there are ten more photos ready for you on Harness Two.   Hope to see you there! Just touch my leatherjock and we'll be on our way! Harnessed Enthusiasms Two