Mud and Waders

Tall Rubber Boots, Mud and Masculine Enjoyment!

This page was last updated on: June 22nd, 2002.
     In the early days of the borrow pit, there were some wonderfully soupy areas.  It was great fun to practically bathe in mud.  In the early phases, if you looked really carefully, you could still make out the original color of what I was wearing. Muddy Blue Triathlon
Mud-Coated Blue Triathlon      We're into the creme of mud soup phase, now.  You know, mudplay is really hard work!  Many hours of exhausting activiity went into building this delicate patina of mudcovering for your edification.
      We were never "underground", but since these pictures were taken with flash with no obvious surface horizon for reference, it's easy to see why the photo finisher concluded otherwise!
     Well, well, well, The AVID Chest Waders have gotten a good bit muddier since we first saw them.  Fact is, if there hadn't been this problem in getting my fingers clean enough to operate the camera, I'm sure we could have some even better photos of them <G>!  For now, here's a somewhat more encrusted view.  By now I had shed that old German rain jacket, mud play heat having kicked in on this late October day! Earth Daubed Chest Waders
Earthy-toned Waderman      Did I mention earlier that I came out on this trip with two pair of waders?  The pair merrily besmeared here are perfectly plain Lacrosses in their trademark earthy tan.  When wearing mud, especially over less colorful attire, the importance of selecting several constrasting strains of mud becomes smearily evident.
     Caught in the act of Pitt-Painting you find me.  The (formerly) black shirt is actually a Ciré Bodysuit.   Under the suit are two pair of latex bermuda-length trunks.  You'll get to see one of them later! Waderman Painting in Earthy Tones
LaCrosse Tongued and Tan Trunks       Speaking of latex, aren't those amber trunks exposed above my wadertops?  Don't look quite transparent enough, so I guess they're only tan latex.  It looks as if they need to be freshened with new mud, though <G>!  Maybe that's why I have my tongue stuck out?
     Didn't Errol Flynn strike a pose like this in one of his swashbucklers?  Shouldn't he have done it in fragrant mud, for maximum effect?  Are the waders between my legs from one of his vanquished foes? Mud Triumphant
Chesters as Earthy Collar       I don't seem to remember either Errol or Douglas using a pair of Chest Waders as a cape.  Doubt if Zorro did either.  There is a frontal view of this scene, but they both suffer from the same problem, "motion sickness": A solo player has a real problem getting in place in nine and a half seconds, the limit of my camera's self timer!
     Almost cleaned up again, alas, getting ready for the ride home.   I believe there was one final sluice in the Spike Buck before hitting the mud-sodden saddle! Chesterizing Rider
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