Marvelous NonCombative Mud

Mostly Men in Heavenly Mud and Close Holds!

This page was last updated on: July 1st, 2004.
Muddy Diveskin

     It's hard to believe that almost ten years have passed since Wolf and I rode out for an afternoon of fun in the mud.  There were actually three different sessions, so to speak.  The first was along the Posey Creek stream bed.  Then, we moved up to the gully to explore some of the areas there.  By common consensus, though, our favorite was right out in the open, in an old borrow pit.  The walls had fallen over several years of rain, and some of the purest clay settled in a flat area near the center.

     My friend Al provided the photo documentation, which are presented in the order taken.   There's not much else I can say, but I hope you enjoy the experince as much as we did!

Number 10
Number 14 Number 18
Number 18 Number 19
Number 20 Number 21
Number 22 Number 23

      Here's the ultimate photo of that wonderful day -- Somehow, "last of the roll" shots are always great.

Number 24

     Alas, the borrow pit is filled in now, and the area has houses sprouting all around.  But, it sure offered good, muddy therapy while it lasted!!

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