ManClingy Experiences

Lycra and Mud and other close-to-the-skin encounters!

This page was last updated on: June 22nd, 2002.
     It may come as a surprise to some of you that rubber and leather are not the only malehide coverings I have employed and enjoyed!  {It shouldn't be news, after this page!!}   Lycra and other elastic-enhanced fabrics can cling as snugly as rubber, while still allowing for some feeling of air contact with the skin  And, when posed by a good friend, I think it even makes a tastefully masculine display.

     The Farmer John "Diveskin" was one of my early aquisitions from Sport Europa in Miami.  It's also been a favorite when something more than flesh but less than leather seemed to be called for!
Cameo Blue Lycra
Red Triathlon and Chaps      Well, the Farmer John is very manclingy and not too hard to get into, but sometimes it's a little much and yet too thin some other places.  So, enter the triathlon suit, with double fabric where necessary and neat racing stripes.  These are also some of the earliest photos revealing my shaved head! Red Triathlon in Profile
     Well, guess what, Sport Europa made the same suit in blue, and MAN, if it could talk, the two of us have been into EVERYTHING!!
      It was a rather cool afternoon when Al and I went out to the borrow pit, destination Muddy Photo Shoot Number One.  Al kept a clean camera finger, but yours truly got down and muddy!
     When the photo finisher returned the prints, he said "We've been spelunking, eh?"
"Sure thing," I said with a grin.
Borrow Pit Exploratory Gear
Fish Skin and Blue Leather      One of my favorite shirts, and it still draws compliments whenever I wear it.  Back many, many years ago, Parr of Arizona used a material they called "Fish Skin".  Must be about 40 percent elastic and 90 percent shiny!  The pants were $20.00 finds at the Rocky Mountain Greyhound Park in Colorado Springs.

     This may be the material crossover point of the page.   To the right, an early, grainy photo of the WESCo Big Boss laceup boots, over what I believe that Sport Europa called a Cross Chest Diveskin.  There is no zipper, but rather the shoulders each have a panel connecting to the opposite side of your chest.

     It just happens to be the leadin to my most memorable mud event, and one of the few I've been able to share with another mutually enthusiatic man.  Follow that link below if you dare <G>!

Diveskin before Mud
WESCos over Diveskin
Triple layered Tire Rider       It seems we must be getting into the Gritty Period!  This was another photo session with Al, but late in the year, and as enthusiastic as I can be about mud, I wasn't enthused into revealing blue flesh.
      Other photos are available, if interest is shown, I might scan a few !
     Do you have to do lycra to get into mud?   Well, not really, but finding mud-tolerant neoprene has been a challenge!   An old Triathlon shorty from O'Neill has been one of my favorites, when a little more than lycra seemed to be called for!  Perhaps I was doing my warmup exercises at the time? Oneill Triathlon Suit
Avid Chest Waders with mud accents     Shortly after my celebrated Wader Bed Contest, still in the heat of wader enjoyment (well, that fever hardly ever goes down now, but that's another story <G>), I rode out to my favorite glen along the Spiked Buck Branch of the Tuxachanie Creek.   With tripod and digital camera at the ready, I proceeded to test the mud shedding qualities, or lack thereof, of two sets of waders.