This Leatherman's Fundamentals
A Trip through Leather Time

This page was last updated on: November 11th, 2001
    Since puberty, I've always used jockstraps as daily undergear.   Along about the time I began exploring leather some 30 years ago, I also discovered leather jockstraps! My first, from Parr of Arizona, was a little disappointing.  ;After studying some fabric jocks which did provide me with good support, I designed the leatherjock at the right.  For years, it was my "reference standard" in comfortable and erotic support!  I called it "Designer". Designer Jock Teaser
First Enclosed Pouch LeatherJock     In 1980, I made my first visit to San Francisco.  The most memorable of many events was finding a store called Worn Out West, where the clerk helped me select "rummage" jockstraps!
      I found an old cup-insert type jock, less its cup, and mentioned that I had never found them comfortable.  The clerk said he'd not liked them until he threw away the cup, and stuffed his own equipment in its place.  I tried it, became a believer, and the jock on the left is first of many I've made with an inset pouch!
      I believe it was Trump that used to make a jockstrap with an angular "wye-front" to its waistband.   This had always intrigued me, and became the inspiration for my next custom Leatherjock. You've already seen two photos of it on my Introductory page.  I actually was too enthusiastic in sizing its pouch.  So almost from the outset, I've used a moulded foam insert, more to keep the pressure on than to deceive, honest <G>!   My old welder's smock here does duty as a shirtfront. WyeFront Jock on a kneeling Welder
Oiled TufwearBoxer's LeatherJock      A couple years later, I visited with a friend in Florida, and admired a photo he had of a "boxing supporter".  He allowed as how they weren't very comfortable, that you couldn't "feel anything", but that didn't stop my interest.L
     Finally, I found the supplier for a boxing club in Biloxi who would order a boxing jock for me!
     When it came in, I oiled it and me up, and posed for this photo.
     My friend was right, you can't feel anything, but it looks serious enough to make up for that!!
     Six months of my spare time went into making a copy of an Air Force flight suit in purple and green leather.  My boss called it my Mardi Gras outfit.
     Of course, I needed matching gloves:  I copied them after a linesman's gauntlet I found one day.
     But, shouldn't a leatherman have a matching leatherjock for his new ensemble?  Two innovations of this jock {other than the color}:
     There's a functional zipper to make relief easier to achieve.
     The second innovation is invisible, but an improvement in comfort and control.  A circular opening in the inside pouch allows passthrough of the gentalia, so they truly are encircled by leather.
Zipped Purple LeatherJock
Brass & Brown LeatherJock & Harness      In the mid-eighties, I was put in charge of a training project that took me out of town a good bit.  Business trips are when I usually have the most time for hand-sewing projects such as my jocks.
     On this one occasion, I was sewing away at lunch one day, and a couple of my students came in and had to know what I was making.
     When I explained, they were both ready to buy one!!  Sorry, the labor costs prevent it, but it sure felt good receiving the compliment.
     Yes, those are brass studs you're seeing there.  For safety, I always use a molded foam insert behind this beauty!Bulge Builder Tutorial
     The other neat thing, although it's hard to make out:  The whole jock is woven from half-inch leather strips, with a conical brass stud at each crossing.  "Busy hands are happy hands,"  they say!!
     My experience with the Mardi Gras jock showed brought to mind a couple of needed innovations.   From the standpoint of taking a leak, it would be better if the zipper was backwards than on regular clothes.   Also, I decided that a tapered pouch might fit more comfortably in snug jeans.   The "Infra-zip leatherjock was my technical solution to these two problems.  I succeeded almost too well -- there's only just room for my finger at the base of the pouch, so my knuckles get dressed up along the right side.  No, it doesn't afford much protection that way, but it's a most gratifying jockstrap for long-term wear! Infra-zip Gladiator
Expressly LeatherBound      A friend thought I was living too active a life once, and decided to slow me down for a while.
     Lee provided the Sailor's cap and Mister S made the Express jock about 16 years ago (don't believe it's in the catalog now!).  They were also the source of the chain harness back in 1980!
     The leg and arm restraints?  I thought the ones available were a bit pricey and not very comfortable, so I made my own!
     Yet another of my alternative Leather jocks, this one also started out life with too big a pouch.  A Friend had sent me some extra Universal hard cups, and wouldn't you know, one of them fit!!  The boots in these three new sets of photos are the LaCrosse Olive tan waders, and the old construction belt I found at a Colorado Springs flea market 15 years ago. Cabretta Two-tone Constructioneer
      This jock I call my brown nut cuddler, for good reason.  It's got the smallest pouch of any of my enclosed back jocks, and I feel very, very good wearing it!!!
      Well, after all of that sewing and yacking, I'm mostly exhausted.  Catch you on the next page?