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November 10th, 2014

Examining the “Rubber” in the Rubber & Rawhide Railway

    My friend Danin has a wonderful way with a camera. His previous trips to Leather Oaks have captured some great images.

This time, I asked him if he would look at my trains. Figured the Rubber & Rawhide could use the attention. Somehow, he caught my rubberman gladiator in most of the images. The 275 photos seemed to fall under a few common themes: There's Activity at Discobolos Station, Portraits with a bamboo background, Discussion with Jupiter and Railroad Exhaustion. This page features two or three favorites on each theme. Those who absolutely insist on seeing more will find links on these photos to follow for “further study”!
    It was a typically busy day at Discobolos Station. The stressed out engineer took a well deserved break.
Benched at Discobolos Station
Lounging with Discobolos       No, the sun is not really that low! Danin has a yellow floodlight over behind Discobolos. Whose ideas were these pose choices? Memory fails me, conveniently!
      Aaah! Communing with nature in inner tube rubber harness and kilt, with Bekina Waders. Can life get any better? Discobolos and Grounded Rubberman
Rubberman Track Inspector      Track inspection on the Rubber and Rawhide is a never ending, thankless task. Sometimes, a rubberman has to take a break though!
     Yes, there actually are trains that run on the Rubber & Rawhide. Frequently, beer specials are called to Discobolos Station. Beer run at Discobolos Station
Harnessed at the Bamboo Wall      Photographers are always on the outlook for unique backgrounds. How about a wall of Chinese Bamboo as a break from endless flesh and rubber?
     Jupiter commands a lot of my attention these days. He has his own tunnel (even though it's called Cedar Lupus, everyone knows it is really the portal to Jupiter's Knoll) and he's quite a raconteur. Jupiter's Story Telling Audience
Harold without Jupiter! The Live oak grove near Jupiter's Garden Terminus (as he insists his place is called) is a wonderful backdrop for photos. Isn't verdant greenery wonderful?
     When all else fails, stretch out on the ground, and let the cameraman do all the work! Actually, it wasn't that easy. Grounded!
Back to the Bad Old Days, Please!      Remember, the “Good Old Days”? Black and white photos? Harold's former Harnessed Enthusiams Pages? There's a link on the photo at left to that world!