Harnessed Enthusiasms

Grounded onto the Railroad Right of Way!

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November 12th, 2014
Sometimes it's better to just go horizontal. Wait and see what life is going to bring. Was Danin hunting for yet another posing venue? Horizontal Harold
Horizontal Sleeper Harold       In this pose, at least I can identify the location. This is the merging of the Jupiter Loop and the Great Green Bypass. It is something of a railroad bottleneck, but that's no reason to go horizontal!
     I guess we have to assume Danin had a very good reason for shifting his camera position. Thanks for the extra space!
Grounded Harold Aghast!      Is Harold aghast? Or, just delighted, enjoying another hour of someone else doing the work!
     I dreamed a dream of two trains merging to one track. Astonished Harold
Trackside Slumber      An even better dream. A train of non-derailed tank cars, carrying everything from cola to caustic lye!
     Now this is a dangerous pose! Suppose the train starts moving? Will there be a derailment? Or a de-thumbing? Thumb on the Rail
Two thumbs for sale? Oh wow, in addition to one thumb, let's add another finger. I guess this is part of getting a tactile connection to one's hobby!