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This Page Created on December 27, 2008
Hello there! My name's Harold, the humble host of Leather Oaks, which is both my home and my lifestyle. I'm not sure how many decades ago I discovered the pleasures and comfort of wearing leather, but I can say heartily that the feelings only grow!

Links are where you find them ! ! !

One not too frequent complaint I receive from folks is confusion over how to NAVIGATE my site. I try to avoid menus other than my nice old set of drawers, but do give a lot of clues. Here's the first one, though:

You MUST be able to read to get the most out of this site! If you're a mindless link-clicker, I'm told that you'll be terribly frustrated -- Sorry!

Go BACK a Page! Throughout my site, there are links to further pages, usually on a photo which would naturally lead you there, or look for my Wyefront Jock as a bolder clue! When the pouch faces left, that will back you up one page.
When it faces right, the accompanying text will hint at where you're going. In this case, that's the history of the Wyefront jock itself. LeatherGuide
Black Knuckled Narratives ! ?      I've many stories, fantasies and follies that can't be easily displayed in photos.    When you see the link on the left, it's your opportunity to grope for more of what's behind the man in leathery rubber.   Conversely, if you'd rather Not know the thoughts of manly interactions I might be entertaining, then please, "Don't Push" ! !"
     Enjoy your journey, and let me know how you liked it through e-mail on my Contact Page!       -- Harold


If you're looking for my JockUps Site, Please click the Grey Pouch at the right!
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Wooden Cabinets!

Are you curious about the great old cabinet of drawers I'm using for my new Home Page? Please click the miniature to the right for a better view and a short history!
The Comer Hall Cabinets