Harnessed Enthusiasms

Discobolos Station's Rubberman Invasion -- Page Two

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November 10th, 2014
Has posing stress set in on Harold? Perhaps he's just showing how glad he is to see us. Bleh!
The Grassy Bed Nap       Hello! Is it morning already? Somehow this grass feels just like my waterbed: Conforming and sensually fulfilling.
      Does this count as keeping your ear close to the ground? Yes, my rubber kilt's waistband is rather thick, three, even five layers of inner tube rubber! The Grassy Bed Nap
Elbowing my way up      Track inspection on the Rubber and Rawhide is a never ending, thankless task. Yes, we've said that. This track appears to be in excellent condition.
     Danin's “Yellow Sun” sure provides some interesting effects. Have you ever seen armpits sparkle like this? Two Arm lift
Paws on the Ground      I think the cameraman is soon to move. Will the rubberman make a break for it?
     Wait! Wait! Where did that track go? It was somewhere hereabouts! What Track?
Again, What Track? Is it that thin line in the foreground? Or is that a garden hose? Where are the photo session notes?
     One of the neatest things about the Rubber & Rawhide Railway, is the extent to which it is incorporated into the scenery. Back in the neighborhood of Daddy Sago, there's just enough room for the rare, occasional visitor. Back among the Sago Palms!