Harnessed Enthusiasms

Discobolos Station's Rubberman Invasion

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November 10th, 2014
Discobolos Station, and Discobolos Loop are two of the most visited sites on the Rubber & Rawhide Railway. Many train watchers like to lounge on the park bench located in the center of the Loop. Benched at Discobolos Station
There's no more room!       No, there's no more room, honest! This park bench is fully occupied at the present time. SORRY!
      Mama told me once that if you got down close to the rails, you could hear the trains coming. Listening to the Rails
Rising Rubberman      Well! That was a short rest. Has the train come yet?
     Slowly, the Harnessed Rubberman rises from his grassy bed. Further Rising Rubberman
Pondering the Railroad      Photographers are well known for the improbable contortions through which the put their subjects.
     Can you keep a secret? Promise not to tell? There's something so magical in wearing rubber, the caress of human skin on smooth rubber boots has an amazingly calming effect. Rubber-calmed Rubberman
Harold under the spell of Discobolos With Discobolos in the background, yet another masterful pose caught by Danin. It must be something in the rubber.
     Wow, I guess that Discobolos Loop is pretty long, then. Seems to be no end to that track! In the Discobolos Loop
Harold in the Discobolos Loop Let me get this straight? You want me to run ten trains at once? I don't think we have the insurance for that. Much less ten engineers!