Bikini Bulges

Brief Glimpses and Tanker Poses

This page was last updated on: November 3rd, 2001
    Here's my Good Buddy, Tex.  He doesn't eat much, but he can pack a mean "sling"!  He's got me wearing a snap front Bikini from FeBee's. Basket Buddies
Crouchng among the Fatsias
Fivesnap Closeup
    It was such a great day, I just had to get outdoors and tackle some dead Fatsia leaves.  An excuse for abbreviated attire is not mandatory, but staying busy has its rewards!
    For social security, there's one specially shaped JockUp under the codpiece:  FeBee must normally attract flashers as customers for this bikini <G>
      Well, it's not actually a bikini, but a Leatherjock with a great herringbone pattern stitched in the pouch.  My curved uplifter JockUp makes a perfect internal sheath, adding enough protection for three-season comfort.
     You'll see the shirt again as part of a great camoflage ensemble.
     You know, I've still not found a space for that camoflage leather outfit!!
Bulge Builder Tutorial
Leather Oop Tank and CodPiece Brief      Few people realize how far back I date.   (And I thank you for staying quiet about it!)   This photo is from my CroMagnon era, or was it the Roman Senate?   It's a neat, breezy way to dress for Sunday Breakfast on my deck!
     Over at my old place, and stepping back 20 years, here I am sprouting out of the Hydrangeas.  I wore this wonderful Bikini from Leather Forever until it fell apart! Brown Leather Bikini
Tanktop PouchFront & WESCOs      Here are three (make that four!) favorites -- my lace-side tanktop, Byron's lifting belt, and a very bulgy pouchfront bikini, also lace-sided, but you've got to trust me on this one!
     Oh, the fourth?   The boots are my 18" WesCo Linesmen!
     Well, what is this??   Somehow, my whole outfit seems to have turned to rubber, and what's happened to my nose?!?
     Oh, I remember, this was an early assay into public rubber, and I was trying to maintain a low profile.   You say it didn't work?
     The "mask" was an early favorite -- since there are no lenses or valves, it's easy to breathe, and never fogs up!  The briefs are something Slimwear of America called Mansome, and who am I to argue?
     Why the sock waders?   We all have our failed experiments!
Tanktop, Mansome & Sock Waders
Kyle Bulge       A pre-Jockup photo of a wonderful latex bikini that the folks at SOA called "Kyle".  A little side-dressing can be quite appealing, what?
     Discerning viewers may note the marked similarity between this bikini and the last on this page.
     It was a rather sweaty day, and I was grateful to step onto the porch out of the sun.   If memory serves, these are the same Latex Pant featured in my Mound Building tutorial (not restored to my new site yet).
     Folding the legs up, and the waist down, with a rubber belt to hold it in place produces a very servicable effect, I think!  The cap is one of my Inner Tube creations, and I can't remember which discount store provided the boots!
Sweaty Rubberman
    Water Sports? Who SAYS   I'm into Water Sports!!  Can't a man relax in peace?
     I'll be rested up on the next page! <G>
Blue & Green Spa Float
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