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Man-hugging Curves and Patterns

This page was last updated on: December 30th, 2004
     Well, let me see, what about motorcycle riding gear does NOT fascinate me?   It must be a very short list, and definitely EXCLUDES clothing with quilted padding sections!   I know it's supposed to be for protection, but it gives a man's figure just the right touch of the exotic!   The shirt is back on, and I'm on a horse.   Okay, it's a rubber rain flap from a big trailer, makes a safer way to cross the fence into the marsh. Padded Leather Horseman
Blue Padded Racing      The padding in these guys is more subtle, but they're just as much fun to wear!   Yeah, you've seen them before, but these are newer, better photos, made just after I added belt loops to make them more practical for wearing alone.  The linked photo is of a rare rear view, and also shows off my Winged Pegasus lifting belt, for which the loops were especially planned!
     Another classic pair of Motocross pants, savagely adapted for Harold's purposes!   A problem with using Motocross pants is that most folks wearing them must have been quite short!   There was no way I was going to get the legs zipped over my calves.  Rather than try to extend the legs, I added triangular shapes of leather alongside the leg zippers.  If you look carefully, you can see the work in black leather, on the linked photo. Padded and Suspendered
Padded Leather Quilting      In this photo, the quilted pattern is plainer.   These pants started life with wide yellow strips emblazoned with the name "Yamaha" along each leg.   Seemed too gaudy for me, so I replaced those panels with grey leather.   The "Alligator" boots?   Something I found in Japan<G>!
      I almost forgot the suspenders!   You saw what I did with the old blue racing pants to make them more street wear-practical.   This seemed a good approach too, since suspenders always look sharp!   Another little secret:   These pants DID came with hard plastic knee inserts, which weren't anywhere near my knee placement!  The zippered pockets are plenty big for a wallet and garage door opener, I've found!
     The diamond quilted pants had a couple of minor flaws that kept me from using them much, until I saw what similar items were bringing on Ebay!  As soon as I finished them I altered these chestnut brown pants I DID buy at auction.  They were frighteningly stiff despite the decription having talked about the suppleness of the leather.  After soaking the seat area in Neatsfoot oil, and treating them thoroughly with Leatherique, they were almost ready for wear.  The pants were a mite loose at the waist, but fit perfectly everywhere else.   Here, I'm finishing the alteration to the fly.  The linked photo shows they also make a great leather shawl! Double Quilted Pants, Doubled!
Chestnut Pants and Frontier Shirt
     Well, I finally got into my new pants!   The frontier shirt seemed to be a natural pairing.   It seems that almost all similar pants use a bulls-eye pattern for the hip padding, doesn't it?   The knee padding on these pants is an unusual vertical pattern.   Nice!
      There might be a neat story behind these photos, what do you think?
Leatherjocks Remembered!
     One last photo of my chestnut pants.  It was a relief that these pants were just about my right inseam, so they work fine with even eight or ten inch lace-up boots, such as these from Tony Lama. Chestnut Pants and Ranch Boots
Swedish Motorcyclist Pants and Motocross Boots      The pants aren't padded, but the boots do have a quilted pattern!  I have two pair of Motocross boots, and these seemed to go with the Swedish Motorcyclist Pants, that are made by Vanson Leathers.  This is also a very early view of my front yard.   It would be impossible to get the same vantage point now, through the magic of healthily growing shrubbery!
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