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This page was last updated on: December 11th, 2004
Harold's Leatherdrobe Directory     Depending on how you count them, I have some two or three dozen sets of riding leathers.   On the next seven pages, you'll get to see about half of them, from classic German Kombis to some rather gawdy two-piece suits!

      I got my first riding suit from Buck's Daddy.   That good soul was somewhat put out by his son's discarding this perfectly good, but rather red set of leathers.   It seems they said "Yamaha" on the back, and Buck had decided he liked Kawasaki better.   The suit had other problems too:   It reeked of smoke, having been stored in a barn for some years, and had speckles of white paint I had to carefully pick off.
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Buck's Red Riding Leathers
Green Kawasaki Riding Suit      Well, is this the suit that got away from Buck?   Don't think so, because I did find it several States away, in Virginia.   I made this photo especially for a neighbor, as he did indeed have a Kawasaki!
     Quite a few years later in the Racing Leathers technology come this Dainese Suit.  While no longer raceable, the suit is a comfortable and stylish throwback.  Of course, it was a mite large on me, but not impossibly so. . . . Dainese in the Tower Room
Slim-fitting Red and Blue Kombi      Well, it's a very snug-fitting two piece suit, and you don't just jump into these things!   Another E-bay find, cheap enough that I didn't mind the three zippers I had to replace.   Eventually, I do get the whole suit on, ya know!!
     When you get known as a leather-wearing, riding man, leather begins to come to you!  My motorcycle mechanic offered me this Fieldsheer suit at a price too good to pass up.  It was about a half size on the loose side, but I was looking for some leather to comfortably wear over neoprene wetsuits for cold weather riding.  It really works, honest! Road Riding Black Leathers
Harro One-piece Kombi      There's been bunches of pictures of this suit, and it was even featured in Christmas cards twice, I believe.   It's such a delight to wear, I'm always ready for another pose.  
     This was a suit that wasn't but it is.   I found the pants at that same flea market in the Springs, and actually paid someone to sew those black patches on the knees!   Was wandering through the Citadel Mall, and found the jacket in Wilson's Suede and Leather.  For stylists, it's not too bad an imitation of a riding suit.   The pants have seen many more wears on their own, though.   When you visit the Padded Pants page (try saying that three times real fast!), you'll see what I mean.  Riding in Blue Leather Pants and Jacket
Quilted German Motorcycle Suit       I've long admired the old quilted look in riding leathers, and regret that they're so hard to find nowadays.  Imagine my delight when someone offered me this suit on a trade!  I'm told it's an old German style, but I'm not sure of the maker.  As is frequently the case, even though the jacket fit rather snugly, I had to take the pants up about two inches in the waist.  Note there is still plenty of bulge room, though <G>!
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Kombis Two, this way!!
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