Earthy Leathers, Page Three

A study in Un-Black and Leather West!

This page was last updated on: December 30th, 2004
     Wearing all of this extra weight, I was bound to be seated sooner or later.   In this pose, you can tell that those are Curved Uplifter JockUps I'm wearing, as they rise above my belt at the top.   If you're wondering about the olive rubber gloves, they're very old British chem warfare issue. Another View of Antique Cordovan Jeans
Thong-laced Jeans and Frontier Shirt      This photo graced the Home Page of my site for many years, and I bet you'd thought never to have to see it again!   Actually, it made a very favorable impression!   The jeans (found at that famous Colorado Springs flea market) are made entirely of leather, thong-sewn.  The shirt is certainly home-made, and doesn't seem too out of place..  Yep, it's that tan "seventies" cap again.  The boots are nondescript redwood rancher's.
     From the same sequence as above, the previously unpublished rear view!  Despite their age, or maybe because of it, these pants had incredibly slim legs.  Took a good bit of grease, elbow and axle, to work them up over my calves! Thong-laced Jeans rear view
Delta Junction and Brown Pebbled Boots      Just in case there was any doubt of whether I really travelled to Alaska, the Delta Junction sign should provide an answer.  This was also one of the neater pair of rubber boots I added to my collection.   They're made by Servus, notable mostly for their heavy fireboots, but the finish of these has a neat pebbled effect.   Sorry there's not enough detail to show that.  
      I guess that's most of the available earthiness for now!
     This was too much of a coincidence to pass up, the same shirt in two consecutive photos.   We're calling this a Western photo, for no better reason than the hat.  I'm thinking this photo might have been made in the Blow Fly Inn garden. Western Red Leather!
Steel Grey CodFront Jeans      Yet another red leather photo, but they're not the same pair!  The patchwork vest, on a Western pattern, was one of my first original external garment creations.  The Tony Lama boots were a lucky find at a Clovis, New Mexico store.   Well, I don't seem to have opted for a Western style cap, have I?
     Have to throw in an old photo of my first Western Leathers.   I still enjoy wearing the skin shirt from Parr of Airsonz, but the jeans are long ago worn out!  The massive oak I'm trying to hug was the smaller of the two at my old place on Lameuse Street.   Yep, it's that same hat.  The boots were Some interesting thong, side-lace affairs. Oak Huggin' Brown Western Leathers
mid-Western Leathers!!      Taken at a friend's farm in Wisconsin, so I guess that makes this "MidWestern"!   The boots are Grizzly, the Western dress shirt is Harley, and the jeans are probably Wilson's.  It's the Rebel Kepi on my head.
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